Adios Mafia / Press

“Of course, these bruthas bear the imprint of fellow New Yorkers RAMONES and BEASTIE BOYS, but there’s surely something their own in their grooves, like the classic hard rock riffage and soloing in “Mean n’ Dirty” which sets in one’s frontal lobe for long – before long. So, although it must be hard to compete on the scene, the mafiosi are here to stay, and “no stopping us” is no mere boasting here.”

“Adios Mafia's "Hot-Blooded Amercan Awesome" is a straight up no holds barred Punk Rock N' Roll party album. Everything about this cd comes off as a bit tongue in cheek, from the aliases the band members play under, to the braggadocious one sheet that accompanied the cd and the hand written note that explains how the band gained street cred playing at local crack houses in the Bronx NY.”

“She Only Wants Me @AdiosMafia Cant help liking this punk-ish rock song. Great lyrics. Plenty of attitude and well performed. Check it 3.5/5”

“Not since the Ramones have I seen a band with a pure, badass American rock presence. Aside from this fact they also display a unique mixture of Punk Rock, Funk and Metal that melds together creating a sort of new kind of music that keeps true to its influences. In a time and age when most new music is presented in some formulaic package, The Mafia simply comes out and does what any band should do when performing or making music, Rock your ass off!... ”

“Apparently Adios Mafia believes we’ve forgotten what rock is supposed to sound like. Upon listening to a few of their tracks - spirited, loud, high energy - we sincerely appreciate the reminder. Their forte seems to be the live venue, so if that’s your scene, do show up.”

Lindsey Darden - Beatcrave.com