Addyie , artist based in Kamloops, BC

He is known for his diverse, sing-song style. His Charisma, dress style ( hats , shades at night, boots) makes it hard not to spot him out anywhere he steps into. Musically , his hooks makes his music intriguing and extraordinarily distinctive . He's got the African melody vibe going on. What he offers is not just experimental to African music industry, but presence,persona,star power. In a typical verse or hook, you can hear him feeding souls with some sweet/catchy melody that perfectly fits on a dope beat, in an interview , he mentioned that he usually selects his beats , and rips them spiritually. Dubbed as the best star power in Kamloops, BC where people hate to love his eccentric style , the hottest musician to brace the city of Kamloops where his music career started . He's also known for saying *its too deep , * it's spiritual , *melody feins ,he's known for rocking shades in dark , in an interview where he was asked about why he wears shades in d night , he replied by saying, well coz I love it and its best time to wear it and its also dope for driving at night especially on the Highway. Barely compared, he's dinstinctive , #regeneration is how people have learnt to embrace this new wave Addyie is coming hard with . With his new song 20bands( 20 bands entertainment theme song) he's about to ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️, during an interview he mentions 20bands song as the theme song which reps a new movement and people should expect bangers upon bangers to follow suit.

Born in Nigeria, bred in Nigeria and States, He's been creating music since age of ten, and grew in Playing the violin , falling in love with its soothing sound. Attended music competitions in Baltimore , he would go to competitions at a young age , and practicing music with his cousins. Addyie recalls, being exposed to different styles of tunes, instruments, vocal composures, his love for the craft goes beyond deep. He mentions in an interview , " in my family , we have this daily routine where we gather as a family every night and pray and sing together , before prayer, we would sing for 20mins, my mum would lead and my brother and I back her up with vocals. It amazes me how voices can create beautiful melodies when they come together spiritually". He idolized artists like lil Wayne, Chris brown, future, 50, Akon, kanye but it didn't take him long to realize he's also a beast on his own with his own style and realized that if he was going to make it in music he had to be himself . " first and foremost , before the bad azz music I create, im a 100percent genuine guy, I'm real and got mad love for people who like me and who don't like me . He feels like he shouldn't be judged by his fly boots or his dark shades at night, but his personality . Back in high school , in Baltimore he would be ripping thousands of student crowd with his performance and the feedback was great .

Bio to be continued .... , stay tuned for links

Instagram: @addyie_jubliano
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