Addie Brownlee / Press

“With the CMJ music marathon this week, she is one of the new artists that are not to be missed.”

“Lyrics this strong do not just come from sitting at a table with a pen and pad.”

“Lyrics this strong come from the heart, from experience, from learning things the hard way.”

“For Addie Brownlee, learning the hard way is about to pay off...”

“a Melissa Etheridge feel…but with a stronger grrl-y groove”

The New York Press

“The folksy Addie Brownlee firing her powerful voice into the lush acoustics of the Living Room.”

“Rounded out by a particularly bittersweet (and darkly humourous) gem most likely entitled I Hope You Never Find Love... ensure a good start to the musical running.”

“She's a woman with a guitar, a message...and some damn catchy melodies.”


“Her original music is a witty, disrobed exploration of heartbreaks-romantic and political.”


“Lyrically prone and vocally crystalline, Brownlee is magnetic.”


“...Power like that over people is not taught or bought, it is embedded in one's soul...”

“There is grace and gravity in these songs and while simple... they are deceptively searing”

Duncan Rogers - Fresh Water Films

“A stunning debut from an artist we will certainly be hearing more from.”

Mark Fisher - 1340mag.com

“Her vocal performance is uncommon...”

Roots Music Report

“...And she has that special sound that sets her apart from any other to be heard...”

Roots Music Report

“I think sometimes the best stories are told in about 20 lines. And I DO think that music can change the world.”


“She's a brutally honest, sometimes playful and often whimsical lyricist...”

Steve Wildsmith - The Daily Times

“Addie Brownlee does it beautifully and hopefully she’ll help us remember why we make music.”

Mark Fisher - 1340mag.com