Adam Sweet / Press

"It may be a blues album but there is so much originality in the feel of the songs and playing that it offers a whole new perspective on the genre. We urge you to check this out!" ***** Album of the Month (July 2014)

Guitar Techniques Magazine

"His debut album is so well produced and full of quality songs and playing, you have to wonder where this young man has been hiding"

Alan Cackett

"Whether it's brooding electric tones or sparser, rootsy instruments that are used, the quality of the songs shines through. Small town thinking? Big city delivery!" ****

R2 Magazine

“Having spent a decade learning his trade in numerous bands, Devon-based Bluesman Adam Sweet follows up his debut live EP I Work Alone with his first full length studio album. This album has much more to offer than 12 bar Blues fayre. Firstly, his style of Blues has a defined Rootsy edge and incorporates instruments such as Mandolin and Cello to stunning effect. Secondly, and although his virtuoso guitar work is an outstanding feature throughout, he's not afraid to unplug the electric in favour of an acoustic approach more akin to the early Blues of the 20's & 30's. It adds up to a vibrant Blues album with a cornucopia of diversity. Highly recommended!”

Rock Society magazine

“Exeter singer-songwriter Adam Sweet's golden, expressive throat delivers this walking blues with dignity and integrity, and enough hard-earned soulfulness to convince you he hails from the Deep South of America, rather than the south-west of England. Listen to this delicious strum and you'll realise Adam's gift is timeless, and his is the sort of voice you'll want to live with, the sort that'll only get deeper and stronger as the years wear on.”

Classic Rock's 'The Blues' Magazine

“Expect an album of deep rooted story telling, giving a nod to a classic era, but with an explosive rootsy edge that always has Adam’s driving guitar style at it’s core.”

Blues Matters

“A superb refreshing sound, from the first chord on the first track, (Small Town Thinking) is a sublime album.”

Martin Clarke, The Blues Session

"Young rootsy guitar slinging songsmith from Exeter who has a Steve Earle-esque way with a narrative. No slouch on those strings either; bring on the big city."

Guitar & Bass Magazine

“Adam Sweet is one of those genuinely engaging performers who, with just his voice and guitar, makes rock and blues music talk across the ages. He is surely destined for far bigger things, and like all great young blues performers, sings with a maturity and power well beyond his years.”

The Keynsham Music Festival Association (June 2013)

“Adam Sweet is busy forging himself a reputation as a singer, blues man, par-excellence. His great voice and driving guitar style mark him out as a musician really going places.”

Milverton Music Club (April 2013)

“The outstanding artist of the weekend for me. I've been around a lotta years & seen a lot of people perform, but never someone who filled a stage and a venue the way Adam does - the sound was awesome. His tribute to Peter Green, Green Manalishi can only be described as epic! I was first in the queue to buy his EP...”

Rob Hussey - Bakewell Acoustic Music Festival 2012 Review

"I've had the pleasure of Adam opening for me, sharing the stage with me and drinkin whisky & playin the blues till 4am in a lock in with me. Each time he's been a great musician to work with. Great guitar skills & vocals and a real good entertainer too..."

“How one man can sit on stage with one guitar and create such fantastic live music is astonishing!”

The Weekender Review (November 2011)