Adam Springob / Press

"In a song like the fool, Adam delivers a straight ahead no nonsense picture of how he's feeling and in a style that's laid-back yet somehow insistent that it be heard. That and rythmic guitar style that carries the melodies home, make for a great listening experience. Very very nice."

Bob Menzies

"..an excellent songwriter with a great voice, that is a winning combination. "The Fool "and "Whether it Rains" (are) both great songs."

Ricky Benjamin

"Very nice work, (I) especially liked the blend of rock with that kind of a jazz feel on "Whether it Rains". I look forward to more."

Alan Oatley - reverbnation comment

"The Fool, great song...vocals are top notch..."

David "8trac" Russell

"First off, it was your easy, soulful voice that caught me...then it was hearing that awesome take on the Garcia classic "brokedown palace" even with just that guitar and layered vocals, you still make it sound like sweet graceful Heaven! just beautiful."

MikeWhitePresents - reverbnation comment