Adam Nitti / Press

“Adam Nitti is one of the amazing players who is at the forefront of the bass movement. I always look forward to hearing his CDs just to see what he will do next.”

Victor Wooten

“Adam's bass lines are supremely interesting, his soloing is masterful and his pocket is deep, but Adam seems to command a higher level of musicianship and that translates throughout every member of the band...”

Damian Erskine - Bass Musician Magazine

“Liminal is another giant step in the musical journey of one of our most forward thinking bassists, Adam Nitti.”

Gerald Veasley

“Adam is a versatile top-player who can really play in the pocket as well as display melodic, lightning-speed traits. [Liminal is] a groovy and interesting new album.”

Dominique di Piazza

"Liminal" is an honest and sincere documentation of the vision of a modern master of the bass guitar. The tunes are all compositionally interesting with great harmony and plenty of room for Adam and the other guys to blow.

Mike Pope

“This CD is a strong musical statement from an excellent musician who chose the electric bass as his voice - enjoy the musicianship of Adam Nitti.”

Chuck Rainey

“The deep-pocket instrumental material leans towards Chick Corea's Elektric Band and a Marcus Miller/David Sanborn-style funk, with a modern edge and brilliant performances.”

Mike Haid - Modern Drummer