Adam Clark / Press

“Upstate New York pop-rocker Adam Clark made a strong impression on the rock/pop scene with his debut single “Feels So Good” in 2013. Since then, Clark released his first EP “No Sleep, Just Dreams.” His style as a singer/songwriter has been described as “sensible and raw, meticulously well-crafted and still straight from the gut.” Adam’s sound has also been favorably compared to Adam Levine and Maroon 5. The soaring and athematic single released “King Of The Sky” released last October garnered a lot of attention and acclaim. In July, Clark released “With You,” is a romantic catchy pop song that features modern electronic arrangement that is a bit moody, urgent and very accessible. Recently Clark spoke with Black On The Canvas about his musical influences, career, how he became a singer/songwriter, why he wants to focus on releasing singles and more.”

“Rochester-based pop singer-songwriter Adam Clark has grown up with music. After performing in church choirs as a child and collaborating with local bands in high school, Clark released his debut 2012 EP, No Sleep, Just Dreams. Now, three years later, Clark’s newest single “With You” is buzzing with good vibes and catchy lyrics. The track, produced by Grammy-nominated producer David Schuler, is a perfect pop hit that is at times a dance-y singalong and at others, a romantic, explosive anthem. With repetitive club beats, unexpected rhythm changes, and his polished, steady vocals, Clark masters the transformation from carefree dance track to an elevated pop love song matured by his poignant lyrics like “You can say that I don’t exist/But I believe in a love like this/I can’t shake the hands of time/But I’d wait forever to make you mine”. The songwriting on “With You” takes the track to a new level...”

“You may not have heard of singer/songwriter Adam Clark before, but that is quickly going to change! He is taking the music scene by storm, and I had the pleasure to get the chance to talk with him about his explosive career and new single “With You.””

“Before Adam Levine decided to break out of his shell to become a philanthropist/entrepreneur/sex symbol combo, and before Maroon 5 became the massively successful pop rock band that they are today, there was Songs About Jane. The group's first studio album that gave them the buzz they needed to be rocketed into stardom remains, in my eyes, as a top tier example of the good that can come from a pop radio hit. "Harder To Breathe" was accompanied by the urban-romantic "She Will Be Loved" and excitedly soulful "This Love." While their talents as musicians may be overshadowed by layers of simple synth melodies and obnoxious hooks nowadays, there will always be that sincere sound of classic Maroon 5 that will hit the spot for me. This is exactly the feeling I'm getting from Adam Clarke and his new single, which we are exclusively premiering on Baeble today, "With You."”

“If you've been a longtime reader of JNoodles Review, the name Adam Clark should sound extremely familiar to you. He's the man who came roaring onto the indie rock scene during April of 2013 with his blaring solo debut single, "Feels So Good". He's the guy who topped that work, subsequently, with August 2014's No Sleep, Just Dreams alongside Sam Polizzi. He's the guy who wants to be pizza. -- And now? He's king of the sky. Cheesy introductions (and not just because pizza was mentioned) aside, Adam has accomplished much in the studio during what has already been a fairly prolific solo career for himself, as you can see per the above (and as you can hear [and purchase] through iTunes). "King of the Sky" is the pop/rock artist's latest single. Officially releasing on October 10 of this year, it is without a doubt the most impeccable effort that Clark has unleashed yet. The track opens with an anthemic declaration that later figureheads the song's chorus...”

"What Clark manages to do with his debut single is display himself as everything the traditional alternative rock fan loves about alternative rock, and more. In his vocal, he manages to infuse a well-delivered lyric that feels particularly edgier than any of the before-mentioned bands ever had been in general, with a hook much like something you'd hear Matchbox Twenty come up with during their heyday, or from solo alternative artist David Cook. This is accompanied by an infectious, all-encompassing instrumental collection of guitars, drums, keys, and unique bits and pieces of synth masterfully spread across the track. The killer lead guitar alone is enough to set Clark apart instrumentally from others in his line of business and in his particular genre, but the overall lushness of the track's instrumental alone is much appreciated, and of course helps set him apart from the rest even further."

"The rich quality in Clark’s voice makes the song memorable and worth radio play. I personally believe Adam Clark is an upcoming force to be reckoned with and expect great things from him. I’ll be surprised if we don’t hear about Adam in the near future on the Billboard Charts."