Adam Lane / Press

““This Raleigh quintet's sweaty, whiskey-soaked sound traces its roots back to Neil Young's spiky, distortion-drenched amble and the Drive-by Truckers' blend of Southern verve with country-punk swagger. It's rugged drinking music with a knack for beer-lifting anthems like "Oh My God," off their 2005 six-song EP, Bury Me in the Swamp. The twin-guitar attack is meaty, and frontman Adam Lane's aching Southern twang is well suited for such crunchy rockers.””

"...Brothers Grim--four Raleigh boys who like cigarettes, rock 'n' roll music and brown-bottle beer--are after none of that. They write straight from number one, unloading real-life, real-grit narratives scratched out here and now by fellas that have had jaws busted, faces bruised and hearts broken. If that sounds like a formula for a country-western tear-pool, then it's dead on. "God takes lovers away from each other/ Puts them in a box under lock and key," Adam Lane sings with a thin-lipped anxiety and a barstool disgust in "Don't Wait for Me," a sort of Steve Earle love-hurts song narrated by a vicarious Vietnam tragedy. But this isn't country-western music. Instead, Brothers Grim rides the border of alt.country, delivering sincere, rural-rendered sud songs behind a two-guitar caterwaul... Like their kindred spirits in The Drive-By Truckers, Brothers Grim both understands and harnesses the spirit of its native South... its defiant soul. And, in large part, they nail it.”

““With a loud two-guitar attack and plenty of hard-drinking originals from band leader Adam Lane, Brothers Grim is putting the volume and booze back into twang-rock. And when they fold in a few lines from a certain Steve Goodman-penned, David Allan Coe-owned tune, you just may think you've heard the perfect alternative-country song.””