Adam Fetters project / Press

"Adam Fetters brings back the humanity to the cut throat world of Musicians. Aiding mentally challenged, elderly and the underpriveledged with his guitar and time there is no doubt more die hard musicians should be focusing on leaving the world a better place with music. He has greatly improved in just the 2 short years I have seen him and had chances to review him!"

“Adam started the event off with a great start playing an all original acoustic set. He showed that he has definite talent with his guitar. During his political douche bag song the cords made his hand resemble flipping the middle finger. Even though this was not intentional it kind of added to the performance as a symbol of saying f*** you to the problems within our government. I also have to point out that I loved the transition of playing soft into the more intense playing that comes along with his style.”

“Adam Fetters performed acoustic, not to many people at the start, but a steady stream as he performed, trickled in. Adam is very talented on an acoustic guitar and has a great voice. Played originals and covered Pink Floyd, ”