Adam Fears / Press

“HOLY COW!!! Man oh man can he sing and write a story!!! Myself, the other artists on the show as well as the audience at the show were BLOWN AWAY!”

“Fears finds Texas a boon for his music.”

“His album “Golden Gravel Road” is solid from start to finish and in our opinion, is an artist on the verge of exploding. He’s got the talent, he’s got the songs, now all he needs is time to let his music spread. Look out for him to be one of the biggest breakout artists in 2015!”

“If 'There's A Girl Out There' isn't a major hit, then our entire country is tone deaf.”

“I think Adam is finally getting the radio play he deserves. Solid songwriting and a great voice all with a humble sense of humor, everything you want to hear when you listen to Texas music.”

Craig Vaughn - KPUR 107.1 The Armadillo, Amarillo TX

“I didn't make it deep into the CD because I hit rewind too many times. Your guy is going straight to the top. Let's book a few shows.”

Rick Roundhouse (Owner) - Whiskey Girl Saloon, The Stockyards, Fort Worth TX

“Adam Fears loves being a country boy.”

“Check out Adam Fears and Golden Gravel Road so you'll be the cool kid on the block who already knows he's bound for superstardom.”

"Feel the fear, Toby Keith and Eric Church, as newcomer Adam Fears springs from the oil fields of west Texas like a younger, fitter, punchier cross between the two of you...for those who prefer soaring electric guitars to wailing pedal steel, Fears’ vocals and production are cut from the finest leather."

Country Music People

“It is becoming harder and harder for new artists to break through and make an impact in the Texas format. Adam Fears came upon the Texas scene with a vengeance in 2014, set on becoming one of the staple artists in the format. Radio embraced this hard-working artist who not only had a top 20 single out of the box, but has managed to tour extensively in the region opening for some of the bigger acts in the format. In my years of experience, I haven't seen an artist work as hard as Adam does, play as many gigs as he has as a "newbie" and have radio and the industry as excited as they are about this artist. I'm looking for much more success and longevity from Adam Fears.”

Tami Millspaugh - Texas Record Chick Promotions, LLC

“This has it all, a pulse quickening rhythm track, a sing-along melody, a singer with charisma and a dynamic production. I don't know who on earth this guy is, but he is sprinkled with stardust. Play and believe!”

Robert Oermann - Music Row

“Adam is an incredibly talented writer and performer. Top that off with the heart of a friend and you have a winning combination. Something positive always happens when Adam is in the room.”

Rich Redmond - Drummer for Jason Aldean/Producer/Speaker

“For anyone who says no one is playing real country music, THIS is real country music! (After listening to Adam's in-station performance)”

Gordon Stack - 102.5 WOW Country

“Adam is a triple threat, guitar slingin,’ tele-shreddin,' anything with six strings, country rockin' badass, who can sing the phone book and make it sound like a hit. He’s an amazing songwriter who writes very commercial songs with depth about living, loving, and losing that you believe and relate to every word of it. This guy is going be a star very soon.”

Erik Halbig - Guitar player w/Thompson Square & Instructional Columnist for Premier Guitar Mag

“Take a listen to "There's A Girl Out There!”

“From what I can tell, Adam Fears, is like an old bottle of bourbon, he just keeps getting better with time.”