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“Some Of My Fan Mail....Thank You So Very Much!!! Don: hey A-bomb thanx for the add!!!i love ur song Dance!!!!thats my song!!!! stay thru, stay safe, take care and keep doing your damn thing!!! Jeremy: whats sup -Bomb...just wanted to stop by your page and see whats going on with you. Hope everythings going well...just wanted to let you know about my music page linked below..full of beats... come check it out..add me as a friend and help spread the word... thanks and god bless HI, ABOMB. HOW R U?. HOPE EVERYTING'S GOOD. JUST SHOWING YOU AND YOUR PAGE SOME LUV. KEEP DOING WHAT UR DOING CAUSE WE DEFINITELY FEEL U AND YA MUSIC. NUFF LOVE EMPRESS N KEEP DOING THA DOINGS. HEART-AH-LOVE.... JAM ONE MEDIA SEY DAT...BARB.... Adriana: Hi! Realy i love your songs,i just want to do one with you one day.I pray for that!ok, god bless u my brotha,One love! Hi A-Bomb! Thanks for asking me to be your friend, I LOVE your music... Have a great day and keep in touch...”

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