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“Debut release by Acoustifried - One Hitters Here it is ACOUSTIFANS! CDs are published and ready for sale! Tonight, September 21st, 2012 @ The Lakeview Marina, our 5 song debut EP titled "One Hitters" goes on sale! Thanks to Stacy for burning all the CDs and thanks to Kevin Doran and Kathy for helping us put the actual CD cases together! We really appreciate the help in getting this done! But ITS FINALLY DONE! Price will be 5$ and we will be giving away 10 CDs tonite at the lake in some fun contests the whole family can enjoy. Over the weekend we will put a link up on the website so you can buy our EP using PayPal. Hope to see your smiling faces on the dance floor tonite! =) KEEP IT REAL! KEEP IT FRIED! KEEP IT REAL ACOUSTIFRIED! PEACE & LOVE!!!!”

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