Acoustic Ocean / Press

“...the interplay between guitar and harp on many songs, such as the opening This Love is Forever, is delightful and engaging. It's obvious that these two have played together a lot because their sense of simpatico is pronounced, and whether trading the lead or sharing it, they do so with grace and ease.”

Bill Binkelman - Zone Music Reporter

“On their third album Acoustic Ocean cement their well-deserved status as one of the preeminent duos recording and performing in the New Age genre today.”

“'Tsunami' is an audible tapestry that has to be my favorite piece on the album...The patterns and melodies... are monumental and show just what these two artists are capable of creating. Simply beautiful!”

“The duo’s respect for the planet, the people and each other are entwined into every recording. For music that will please you year after year and multiple listenings, you cannot go wrong with this talented twosome.”

RJ Lannan - Zone Music Reporter

"Reflections on Still Water" by Acoustic Ocean is one of the best New Age CDs available and one of the best albums regardless of genre. This is highly recommended not just for fans of New Age and harp and guitar, but also for anyone who likes brilliant, beautiful music.

“Overall, the music is light and optimistic with strong Celtic and folk influences - sure to brighten the gray days of winter and bring some sunshine to the darkest of moods.”

"Reflections on Still Water is an artful and optimistic work, dominated by carefree melodies and fragile beauty that will make your ears vibrate. Very Highly Recommended!"

“Acoustic Ocean’s music, in general, expresses a spectrum of feelings and moods, from light and lively, to wistful and reflective, and beyond...A peaceful, yet uplifting energy pervades, bringing a wave of Aloha spirit to the shores of the listener.”

“The inherent power conveyed by their tune “Tsunami” makes it my absolute favorite of the 11 musical journeys offered up. All their music is done without any of the cliches that often invade new-age, and the high energy they put into the performance makes this CD a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for listeners who want to hear what the power of the spirit can sound like.”

"Every acoustic track reflects the spiritual peace one might find on an extended visit to the islands, only these tracks are Celtic and contemporary melodies that never fail to surprise and delight. Rating: Excellent"

"As soon as I slipped "Reflections on Still Water" into the cd player, the music captivated me and it instantly has become one of my very favorite cd's. Ever. Every single piece on it is exquisite."

"Reflections on Still Water is a beautiful listening experience that refreshes the mind and lifts the spirit."

"The soothing yet gently lilting music will doubtless win over many fans. While Irish influences surface many times, the CD also navigates some New Age music waters, as well."

Bill Binkelman - New Age Retailer

"Reflections on Still Water reminds me of trips to the Island and that warm breeze that greets you when you awake. I can hear the ocean in my mind as the music fills a room with each and every note. The sounds are echoing, capturing and just so simple and beautiful. Each cut flows to the other like glass..."

Marie Michaels - KKHI Music Beyond Words

"It is relaxing music, with an enormous crystal clarity. An extremely good New Age album that anyone can listen to and appreciate!"

Patrick Van de Wiele - Keys and Chords

"It was the haunting 'Voyager' that made it right to the top of my current playlist - where it will stay for a long time to come... I give it a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

Rotcod Zzaj - Zzaj Productions

"Reflections on Still Water" is a wonderfully restful collection of tunes, an ideal tonic for so many of us who need to find some peace in our lives. Highly recommended.

The Borderland

"'Moon Over Mauna Kea' is a beautiful composition reminiscent of a Paul Simon song. That's the highest praise I can give anyone! I'm extremely impressed with your music. You display exceptional compositional skills, excellent musicianship along with a great deal of sensitivity."

TAXI Music

"The album cover shown in Reflections on Still Water gives you a visual hint of the elemental beauty you will hear."

John P. Olsen - NewAgeMusic.nu

"What a fabulous album full of the music of light"

Renee Gelpi - Galaxie Music Network

"BRILLIANT - EXCELLENT... very refreshing. We have enjoyed Light Returning immensely, and have added tracks from it to our play lists.

Graham J Barclay - Soundwave FM

"Light Returning is one of the top new age albums of the year."

Harmony Central

"Light Returning is good acoustic music played by seasoned musicians and blended perfectly."

Joe Napolitano - Facing North

"What makes Light Returning different from most albums in this sub-genre is its remarkable, yes almost incredible warmth... I'm very impressed."

BT Fasmer - New Age Music Nu

"Light Returning is music as healing energy. It not only is a pleasure to simply sit and listen to, it also is an ideal therapy tool which can be used for relaxation, massage, yoga and meditation."

Entertainment Magazine Online

"Listeners should embrace the music of Acoustic Ocean as healing energy and healthful entertainment."

Massage Magazine

"Using their new age/folk background to the fullest, they give a solid work out to those looking to relax... This is a well conceived journey within to help those who need to let go.

Midwest Record

"The music of 'Light Returning' reminds you that life is beautiful and you can spend every moment of it in joy and creation."

Serge Kozlovesky

"...very soothing and reflective."

The Balanced Living Magazine

"Light Returning is a joy to experience, and especially recommended for listening to while one meditates, or sheds the stress from a long and difficult day."

Midwest Book Review

"Each melody in Light Returning is based on the sounds of the Celtic Harp, yet each melody invokes a unique presence that ranges from storm to stillness... Relax into this beautiful offering."

Spirit Seeker Magazine

"They get a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and an 'energy quotient' rating of 4.8"

Rotcod Zzaj (Doctor Jazz) - Improvijazzation Nation

"Light Returning is already a Top 10 airplay album on the International New Age/Zone Music Reporter chart."

Music Industry News Network

"Listen to their album Light Returning and find life-changing harmony."

Buzz Music

"Relaxing, Peaceful and Hypnotic. The title song, Light Returning, set the tone for the rest of the album enveloping you with its warm tones."

Chris "Thaskalas" Madison - Pagan Radio Network