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“Fred Rucker is Acoustic Lighting. The Yukon good old boy has performed for the past 40 years,honing his songs for this, his debut album. And you can tell from the quality and emotion within these songs. From the clashing Beatle-esque opening chords of 'Too Far, Too Fast' to the wonderful 'Sayin' Goodbye' Fred takes you on a journey of the soul. And that's where all of Freds songs come from lots of experience from life and business from California to New York. He used to sell 45s and tapes so he's had extensive experience of selling other peoples music....now...it's his turn, despite not having too much opportunity to play his songs within his home city of Oklahoma,he says there isn't the kind of network to do that. He did set up an open mike night in the late 70's to try and combat this, which was successful for a while. Fred describes his career as nobody to wannabe and back again,which he is being kind of unfair to himself, humble to the last we'll let his songs speak for him, the”

“Rick Frost Rick Frost - Singer Songwriter / Alternative / Americana 02/09/2012 Great songwriting; excellent musicianship; and first-rate performance!!! ”

Windswept Papers

“Paul Fleming via Wayne Greenstone Streaming live in less than an hour...8am-11am PST Fever Crash/paulfleming music is making it's international debut on Wayne Greenstone's program from S. Africa. Fred Rucker/Acoustic Lighting will also be appearing. Two Oklahoma classmates appearing together for the first time in, ahem, let's just say many, many years. Hope you'll tune in! http://knysnafm.co.za/wp-content/themes/network/stream-popupbox.php”

Knysna FM 97.0

“Is it real, another Change of Season ?”

Acoustic Lighting Fred Rucker - CHANGE OF SEASON

“The Silence: I am always super impressed when i listen this beautifully crafted songs.You have such amazing talent to compose outstanding songs with great melodies, arrangements, lyrics and vocals.”

“OCTOBER 21 : Phil Thomas,host of "Weekday Live" on www.radiotircoed.com in Swansea, Wales will feature Acoustic Lighting as artist of the day. One month after a very much appreciated premier By Andy Boyt of "Peace to the Middle East" Sept 21 on the same station. Radio Tircoed is a community radio station in the 2nd lar...gest city in Wal...es. My dear friend and collaborator Steve Kelly lives in that area. The show airs 11 am til 2 in the UK. (5 am til 8 am here). we hope to have it recorded for you and post to www.reverbnation.com. Thank you Phil, Andy & Eileen, Steve & Sue in Wales !”

“Peace To The Middle East: It's on Radio Tircoed now! You go, International Fred!”