Acoustic Breezes - Rahel / Press

“I predict that you will be successful in your work because you are talented, inventive, and have an apparently great dynamic talent to share your emotions and love of Jewish music with the world. All the best, Issachar Miron ”

“I wanted to tell you your songs are really well crafted! I must confess I like the world-themed sound!”

"I enjoyed Rahel tremendously. She is very informative, fun and talented."

“You have a unique sound with a definite California/folk/country thing reminiscent of some of my favorite,Chris Hillman/Gram parsons material. Nice voice and style.”

“I'm not really into folk music but there is a special quality to your voice that kept me listening.”

"I'm standing here dressed and singing like a hippie. But you - you're the real thing!"

Fellow Performer - Hogs Trough Club

"That's my kind of folk!"

Satisfied Listener - Cassidy's Grille

"Makes my heart feel good."

Julia, Age 7 - Audience

““There are hints of jazz, Middle East blends, further East mantras.” ”

Judi Ganchrow - FolkNotes Israel

"I love it. It's the echo effect, the chanting and repeating of the same few lines in a sort of a round. It's hypnotic."

““The music beckons, invites you to sit down, listen a while, let your thoughts float.” ”

"I love your "folky", traditional sound while still managing to give it that little bit of rock edge!"

Rach age 18 - Audience

““I love your music. Thank you for offering Humanity such a lovely gift. It helps me relax, feel better, and be more optimistic.””

CDL - Audience

"Your music is amazing, very relaxing and magical. I respect your uniqueness!!!"

Alex - Audience

"I like the ’world’ sound."

Lori age 17 - Audience

““This music was new to me and I had to consciously set aside my old thinking and expectations to really listen. Now, I can't stop listening to it and thinking about it.” ”

Peggy Woods - CDBaby

"I have not encountered anything like it before. Very inspiring."

Daryll - CDBaby

"I love your music. Your music is beautiful and you really make an impression on a lot of people."

Sam Glaser - Singer-Songwriter

"Your music continues to be a source of joy and inspiration."

Craig Taubman - Singer Songwriter