Acorn Project / Press

““Acorn Project, who conjures up the appealing marriage of mid-period Pink Floyd, early Radiohead and the blues-jazz-dub whap of Morphine… cuts a broad cloth that could fit classic rockers, jam fans, and jazz heads with taste for prog. Often mélanges of this kind come out mushy and indistinct, too many ingredients dulling the sharpness of individual elements, but Acorn’s production and arrangement savvy keep things bright and together throughout. A hard touring bunch… unlike many road dogs, they clearly know their way around a studio, too.” ”

““I love an album that’s simply perfect for the times… Tasty. While there’s no doubt these guys are rock and roll, there is plenty of jazz, soul, and pop influence to keep Acorn Project constantly on the edge of creativity… Easily one of the five best all-round albums I’ve heard all year.”


““Classic jam bands are a dime a dozen; indie rock jam bands are slightly more expensive. Acorn Project gives listeners their money’s worth with funky epics that rock enough to make a good Christmas present for your Deadhead uncle but are jazzy enough to play for your hipster friends…””

Santa Cruz Metro