“It takes undeniable talent to compose music like this. The sensation one feels when you hear one of these compositions is exhilarating and sensational. Every piece has its own journey to take and without skipping a beat, Kiah’s creative genius allows his audience to experience it in real time - almost like a ride at a park. With heavy guitar, heavy drums and out-of-the- box electronic fusions The Measure takes you places that no man has gone before. When I listen to his music I can also see it being used in many Las Vegas acts such as Chris Angel. So strap yourself in and get ready for a crazy ride with The Measure. ”

Grace - AR Publicity

“texture, rise in volume, drop at the right place, music is 3000 years old now and i hate when people just beat it to death or don't get the rise or fall or chord change or texture change or a percussion add... and I find you. I melt.. I really fell in love with your music. Crunches to keep me happy.. fuzzy here and there.. percussion interestingly added in a gap over there... a build on a progression.. You are a Mystro.. Magical.. and blew my mind.”

“The progressive sounds of A Clear Mind are colorful and intense. Sounding at times futuristic then resorting to contemporary transgressions, (Kiah) has created his own unique genre. Several tracks here sound custom made for soundtrack, perhaps a wild and adventurous video game. One thing's for sure: The music is alive - and begs for a project of similar power and energy.”

“I Like the direction and style your music has created”

“It seemed each song was constructed as a journey. Beautiful and jarring like a steamroller plowing through a cosmic ocean”

“Finally something I can listen to no matter what mood I'm in”

“Without words, The Measure creeps inside the listeners' minds, evoking emotions and delivering an original sound that's both powerful and meaningful”

“Music from The Measure mirrors the confused state of this generation in a light most modern music fails to shed”

“I would have to say that it is some of the best stuff to come out of Spokane in a long time”

“It's the perfect Modern Warfare soundtrack”