Aclarion / Press

“ACLARION has played with. SAVING ABLE, TRAPT, THEORY OF A DEADMAN, FRAMING HANLEY, TRUST COMPANY,CRAZY ANGLOS. A few of the places ACLARION has played at The Georgia Dome, CLub La Vela Spring Break, Spinnaker Spring break, The Swamp, Flounders Chowder house, Masquerade (Atlanta), Off the Wagon, Strange Days, Blue Iguana, CRUSH, Chilkoot Charlies, Flip Flops, 37 main, Sammy T's, Shaggy Marlin's, Maria Bonita's, Mill town Groove,etc.”


“Who do I hear in there? Incubus is for sure. Then there is Hoobastank and Trapt for sure. Then there is parts of Atreyu and Sevendust. It’s an interesting mix. Oooh, I just remembered another band that’s in this mix - Staind. With those names of recent fame it’s quite possible that Aclarion could make the leap onto the stage with anyone of these bands and fit right in as an opening act. Though I’ve never seen them live I can see that they have slugged it out in the trenches. Show ‘em some support if you’re from Georgia. If you’re a promoter, it’s probably time to see if you can get them on the road. -SingleoftheDay.com ”


“ (40 Watt) Anthemic rock from Atlanta four-piece Aclarion, a band dipping into similar "alternative" waters as Stone Temple Pilots, Nickelback and such. ”

40 watt