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"AC Jazz Project's Album LUCUMI is Top 100 Latin Jazz Recordings of All Time "

"Energized by Cuban timba ‘Long John’ Oliva’s group moves beyond salsa-based style."

Don Heckman - Los Angeles Times

"Oliva’s early results of his timba-based jazz sounded impressive, as well as much needed, at a time when Latin jazz must be careful to avoid the pattern – far too common in other areas of jazz of falling prey to narrowly focused revisits to overly familiar musical arenas."

Don Heckman - Los Angeles Times

"Brace yourself for an extraordinary musical experience via Long John Oliva and his Afro Cuban Jazz Project."

"Oliva lived by the theory that "Music is more than Clave" and he was on a mission to prove it."

"According to Oliva, his style was based on Cuban folkloric music and contemporary Jazz. However, it was his ingenious use of genres, timing, space and clave that set him apart."

“AC Jazz Project - Winners of the Long Beach Jazz Search - Latin Jazz Artists of 2003 / 2004”

Gazette News

“AC Jazz Project - 2006 IAJE Conference Winners for best "Latin Jazz Artists”

IAJE Conference

"Smolderingly sensual, wickedly witty, and smartly provocative, today’s Afro-Cuban music – rumba, folklore, danzon, cha cha cha, mambo, son and timba – is a virtuosic expression with enormously significant cultural relevance to street life in Cuba and in the United States."

“Tamayo Tumbao - Nominated for Best Song in Cali Colombia for 2013!”

DJ Mauricio Diaz - Realiza Salsa Magistral.co

"Tamayo Tumbao" - Ranked #5 in Cali Colombia!

DJ Mauricio Diaz - Realiza Salsa Magistral.co

"El Daño ya esta Hecho" - Ranked #6 in Cali Colombia!

by DJ Mauricio Diaz - Realiza Salsa Magistral.co

“A class A recording with A list of Cuban musicians from Los Angeles. Conga Buena, the new recording from AC JAZZ PROJECT just confirm what music lovers witnessed for years. Original compositions of Cuban Jazz, Rumba, Son and Timba make this a refreshing and unique production.””

Guido Herrera - KXLU 88.9FM Los Angeles

“AC Jazz Project’s latest CD Conga Buena is on fire!”