Acid Easter / Press

“Metal with ass kicking intensity!”

Rick Frost

“It's not fast enough. Oh wait, my face just melted.”

Mathew Meadows

“Wow, this is crazy!”

Psychedelic Eye

“You have captured the sound of rage! No time is waisted on any track just brutality and violence. like watching a famous painting catch on fire in front of the artist's eyes!”

Von Travesty

"Brutal, crunching speed metal. A real transformer's breakfast."

Goth Mountain

“Fuck, this is some totally brutal muzak, should come with a warning sign!! I mean our equipment is smoking now, all them oscillators and particle accelerators gone nuts with the motherfucking beat!! What have you done? How are we supposed to solve the Schrodinger equation now that the fucking cat is out of da box, yo!! No, it´s totally awesome!!”

The Physicists

"Acid Easter is static distortion love for your ears." -DJ Espanol

Gemini Sky