Achren / Press

“There is a buzz of adrenaline running through this … ...An addictive album that will ensure Achren aren’t forgotten in a hurry”

Chris Kee - Zero Tolerance Magazine

“extremity can both contain memorable riffs and be tremendous fun... ...'The Forgotten King' oozes wicked personality right through to the blood-soaked, fiendish end”

Tom Dare - Terrorizer

"Best indie album so far in Kaaoszine... this one gets full points. Every fan of heavy music should listen to this record." 10/10

"Achren [Live] are magnificent. An epic brand of brutal yet grandiose metal, equal parts black and death metal, but with sprinkling’s of thrash for good measure."


“One of the best death metal singers of the past 10 years... The Forgotten King has to be one of the highlights of 2011”

"Brutally technical death/black/thrash with the shredding and violence turned up to 10... a fearsome live act"

Metal Hammer

“Blood boiling rhythms pile on top of the listener like an invading horde”

"the kind of death metal that makes other music seem gutless by comparison"

"extreme metal, concise and devastating"

Metal Italia

"Combining different styles like black, death and thrash and melting it into an explosive blast of power"


"Each track is an onslaught in it's own right, full of razor-sharp riffage, low-end vocals and battering drum beats. "