Ace Elijah / Press

“Ace Elijah's voice is captivating, at once a driving force and a sweet melody. His songs tell stories that are powerfully sad, laced with hope. When Ace performs he inhales music and releases it with a deeper meaning. His sound has an ineffable, irresistible quality; Ace is the songwriter music fans are looking to discover.”

Daniel Long Hofman

“There’s nothing more satisfying than watching an artist develop out of the artist development hell that can be “open mike night.” Ace Elijah paid his dues crooning his unique brand of gentle, jazz-inflected pop to many a deaf ear in saloons around Annapolis and now that he’s old enough to legally imbibe himself, those beer-soaked gigs are beginning to pay dividends.”

“Elijah plays finger style, but in more of a strumming style with a couple of things going on with his right hand. He plays some interesting chords and the songs are toward the complex side of things. There is some originality here. His voice is a very rich strong presence throughout. I struggled to place a comparison, which is more common for me in folk than it is in rock. I was leaning to a sound like someone in between Bobby Darin and Fred Neil, perhaps. It just did not sound like the 1960s and there was a lounge jazz feel much of the time. He provided a good clue with a cover song written in the 1930s or 40s. He was coaxed into a few more songs by the few remaining in the crowd and ended on a high note...It was a lovely melody indeed.”