Ace.3 / Press

"heyyy adam!!! you're a boss rapper, a ballin person, and a crazie awsome friend...keep up the music! i love it..makes me smile..every single song of yours!!(:"

"your songs are sick dude. You deserve to be noticed!"


"So mee , shae , and megan is listening to your music right now , & i would just like to let you know; your thee shit. hands down. that is all!"

"imma listent to some Ace DaKing and get ready for my day!(: cuz thats whats up!!!!!!"

"so i've been sittin here, listening to your songs for about an hour now. you're soooo talented!"

“adam.. i was playing all your old music today and it made me sad i miss all the old time bestfriend”

"I need to hear some of that Ace DaKing to get my day started. Lovin it!!"

"- & i ainn even gon lie im bumpinn to ace right now ♥ #iLoveIt(((: " --Jordan Nicole

"I bow down to [Ace's] wise wisdom"

"[Ace] beat me in a rap battle"

"I can't believe [Ace] isn't big yet"