Accents / Press

““…Growth And Squalor is a warm, honest and insightful look into our world today. It is a message designed to reach as many people as it can. It’s a gorgeous, atmospheric slice of indie-folk music. And in any case, this is one of the best albums of the year.” [9.5/10]”

"The two-man project aims for the heart and does everything but kick you in the head with tender melodic passages, effortless transitions and a musical mindset that makes me think twice about labeling them as just indie rock. This is a band in full control of their commitments, expertly shaping each build and fall to their specific point. Accents raises the bar for indie musicians everywhere..."

““Indie-folk act Accents blast their way onto the indie-folk scene with their emotional, musically talented debut released through Deep Elm Records. It provokes silence and almost forces a listener to pay attention to it, purely because it’s on. With Growth and Squalor, Accents have hit the nail on the indie-folk head. It’s uplifting, atmospheric, punchy and, above all, catchy. It’s brilliant…an overall indie-folk musical masterpiece.””

"It's rare to find a band that plays strictly one genre, but Accents is going for the genre-mashing gold with Growth and Squalor. It is a fascinating album by a band with a great number of strengths. Instead of focusing on one strength, they give each its moment in the sun, creating a unique listening experience. This is a band jumping out of the starting gate, and doing it well."

"For a debut release to be that inviting is actually pretty rare. All in all, a solid release for the indie rock set."

"[Accents'] full-length debut is a lush record with crooning vocals. Despite being recorded (mostly) by a duo, this is a record complete with full band instrumentation giving the songs a depth that belies the size of the group."

““Accents’ full-length debut offers up some of the most refreshing indie and alternative rock I’ve heard for some time. The band’s ability to fuse memorable melodies with infectious instrumentals certainly eclipses any flaws. [Their] powerfully realized song progressions dabble in modern alternative rock, indie-pop, and even harken back to classic 90s alternative and early 2000s emo (particularly on ‘The Fog’). Growth and Squalor is a highly enjoyable listen, and provides more than enough moments of indie rock bliss.””