Absolute Vengeance / Press

"Beneath The Flesh has elements of classic heavy metal with melodies mostly heard in Gothenburg style metal as well as thrashy rhythms. To pin a subgenre on to this band would be a crime. [Absolute Vengeance] focus[es] on quality above quantity with their songwriting, which is what every band should do.”

"Absolute Vengeance plays a very competent and professional style of melodic death/thrash, and their debut self-titled EP is a very solid little piece of music. The music that Absolute Vengeance plays could be compared to a band like Nightrage but with less straightforward rhythms, and the emphasis on this music is on melodic, lightly Gothenburg influenced riffing intersecting with thrashy triplet sections and other heavier moments. The extremely powerful and clean production helps bring out each instrument very fully and emphasizes the careful, precise writing that went into each one of these tracks. This is right up the alley of people who enjoy modern, somewhat technical, melodic death/thrash metal... These [songs] have a surprising amount of depth to them and are never wanting for more or less of the elements they employ."