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“Ramon ‘Absoloot’ Robinson is an independent recording artist and community figure from North Lauderdale, Florida who has something to share with everyone. Dedicated to making music with a message, Absoloot lives what he raps while using his performances as a platform for positive change. Since founding his own record label, As I Am Records, Absoloot has partnered with many different nonprofit and community organizations to support the local youth.”

“Absoloot returns to set 2017 off with an almighty bang. The Truth features The Captain, and its essence and substance far exceed any expectations that the title may bring about before listening. Musically the track combines an addictive riff and a lightly energetic drum line in among a laid back, almost soap-opera style synth melody. The track smashes it, the creative play within the production and the structure is mildly theatrical, always appealing, easy to listen to and offers the consistent good vibes needed to make music matter. Furthermore, the vocals running out along side all of this add a sincere element of depth, of truth; the song has power.”

“PMD Ministries has partnered with Hip Hop artist Ramon “Absoloot” Robinson’s Anti Bullying Campaign by holding its first community forum scheduled Saturday, Jan. 8, 2017 at the New Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. “Our ultimate goal is to have the Dream Anti Bullying book into the Broward County School curriculum, as well as do a tour within the schools so that Ramon, aka Absoloot (a clean Hip Hop artist) can perform for the students at the schools,” said an event organizer. Organizers also said that they hoped to have an open and honest discussion about bullying, with local leaders, pa-rents, educators, and school aged kids and teens. Broward Superintendent of Schools Robert Runcie is expected to be among the panelists to attend.”

“He seemed standoffish and reserved when I was like, hey itsFIONA dude!! LOL. But when I watched his business and work ethic I was rather impressed and had to know more about the man, the artist, Absoloot! He truly is a beautiful spirit with a BIG heart for helping people and the youth. Fast forward to months later, we would meet up again at Strong Arm Radio studio and the love and respect was still there. We were determined to work together, some way some how.”

“Absoloot’s campaign to challenge the power and corruption within the banking industry gives millions of middle class Americans hope a voice is speaking up for them. He has received rave reviews for the release of his critically acclaimed album “Banksters.” The key purpose of the album was to educate and inspire our youth to learn about our economy in a way they can understand in a non explicit matter through Hip Hop.”

“Absoloot is not only one of the greatest musical artists on the planet, he seems much more excited about the amazing work he does with kids, and is humble (one has to pull it out of him to get him to talk about it). He’s the kind of guy you’d want on your side of life. He simply knows how to live it right. I can tell I was communicating with a very happy man who has his life together and is generous in helping others.”

“He is an independent rapper that has made quite a name for himself by getting involved and working to improve his community. The Fort Lauderdale, Florida native has devised his own style of hip hop based on positivity without the profanity and gangster speak that has become prevalent in the crowded rap scene. Absoloot uses intelligent lyrical content and live instruments to amaze listeners and offer them a deeper message through song. Everyday life and the injustices that he sees are his inspiration to do his part to make a better society. He was involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement penning the song 99% which was named the theme song of the movement by Huffington Post. He is now involved with the Men2Boys organization (http://www.men2boysmentoring.com) to help influence kids to make positive decisions.”

“It’s not only that however, as Absoloot shows here, that he can tell a story with the best of them. And that probably will be his major advantage over most other rappers: He can tell a story with almost intellectual poetic ability and make you feel like you’re there, watching it all happen.”

“Well when you least expect it, somebody comes along and puts the record straight. Absoloot shows that Rap is still a potent tool for distributing knowledge and making social commentary, with the release of his latest single, “Banksters” (feat. Kham). He tackles the corporate money-grabbing issues, with an honest, smooth, and almost flamboyant ease that you would have expected to come from one of his peers instead.”

“Absoloot really hits home with “Banksters” (feat. Kham). The song is mature sounding, has an amazing piano-driven beat, great vocals, catchy harmonies, and is pieced together with top notch production. Most importantly, Absoloot manages to bring you the scenes of real life, in its entire inglorious splendor, from a perspective of one who is still very much in touch, with what’s happening in the world that surrounds him.”

“I have had the great fortune of interviewing and getting to know Florida-based Absoloot in the past couple of months. Something that he does brilliantly is express his music and point of view in a positive manner and doesn’t use curse words in them at all. The only other rapper that comes to mind that does this is Will Smith, and comparing those two is apples and oranges to its fullest. Will was cheesy, Absoloot is the future. He is proof that you can get your point across without having to resort to “street jargon” and words that really come across as crass and wrong. To each his own, but what he does should be more prevalent.”

“One of the most powerful things on earth is a musician with a message. Yes we all love music with no meaning just to bop our head to sometimes, but when an artist shares his true feelings about a subject in song there is a passion there that can not be falsified. The artist we found today plans to educate the world with his music. Welcome to Absoloot’s world.”

“One of the most highly regarded independent artists in the world; Absoloot has released a follow-up to his single 99%. The title of this track is ‘Banksters’, the perfect follow-up speaks to the 1%, the Banksters. As you listen to the track you’ll hear the soul of Marvin Gaye, the lyrical content and style of Curtis Mayfield, and the passion of speaking for the have-nots of Tupac Shakur and Bob Marley. Absoloot has a different agenda than most rappers and it shows with his new song ‘Bankster’”

“Miami based “As I Am Records” recording artist, Absoloot, is one of those exceptional artist bringing a message filled with substance. He sheds light on the Occupy Movement on Wall Street in his single “99%,” which is from his soon to be released album “Banksters.” On the record Absoloot speaks for those whose back has been placed against the wall and are “tired of being tired and sick of being sick” in a world where everyone is free but still separated and treated differently.”

“Absoloot's single "99%" has received international recognition and will be included on the album 'Bankster's'. This independent artist is dominating the world with his fantastic songs. Besides, his talented music career, he has also gain recognition due to his work in the community. The upcoming album 'Bankster's' is ideal for those of you who love Hip Hop, RnB and Rap music. It has been influenced by Jay-Z, NAS, Pittbull, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Common, etc. The new album which is a combination of new school style with an old school feel, will be released pretty soon! For more info & news on Absoloot, you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.”

“Absoloot uses intelligent lyrical content and live instruments to attract listeners and offers them a deeper message than the prescribed money and cars routine implemented by many rappers within the hip hop vein. Absoloot’s catalog gives listeners a refined brand of hip hop that is intelligent and complete with old and new school style. ”

“IndeProducer.com's featured artist this week is one we came across on YouTube. He goes by the name "Absoloot", and you have probobly heard his music at some point. This rapper/philanthropist does more than just spit on the mic. If you've heard his song "99%", then you know what I am talking about. His lyrics are more than just "conscious", they have a realistic feel to them that we all can relate to. A meaning. A passion. A struggle. Hope. Optimism. Pain. Perseverance. Real thoughts, real feelings, REAL MUSIC! This makes him part of the 1% in the music game, but "99%" is the reason why.”

“Over the span of two years of doing interviews, the common thread that seems to come along is that each artist, band or group that I interview all has something special and unique that they bring to the table. Absoloot is a prime example of it. I became aware of him a couple of weeks ago through an awesome guy he works with, and have become enthralled in who he is not only as an artist but a humanitarian as well.”

“While credit has to be given to artists of yesteryear for Absoloot entering the craft, his chosen subject matter is a hallmark of his upbringing. His parents’ influence permeates his work through his dogged insistence on elevating the conversation through the trojan horse of meticulously crafted rhymes and compelling beats.”

“The single 99% and his upcoming album Banksters Absoloot’s new single 99% and his soon to be released album Banksters, highlight the inciting themes of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Most notably the widening economic gap between the top 1% and everyone else. In addition to the unscrupulous behavior of people in power that used greed and complex math as a pretense to gamble; precipitating the economic collapse. Implicit in the song is an issue that surfaced throughout the interview; the need for education. Education in the sense of making oneself aware of the forces and ideas shaping one’s world.”

“The influx of money in the Rap industry over the past 30 years has shown a trend of destroying variety in favor of the faux-uber-masculine archetype of sex, crime, and violence. Groups like NWA, Ghetto Boys, and 2 Live Crew existed in near equal parts along the side of groups like Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, and Nas. Absoloot’s work is a noticeable departure from this bias, choosing substance and skill over cheap antics.”

“So let's celebrate. But how about skipping the tired old tune of "Happy Birthday to You"? You're special: you need your own song, and we have one in mind, written by the hip-hop artist Absoloot -- and it just so happens to be titled "99%."”

“We picked this birthday song for you because Absoloot, with power and grace, embraces your multiplicity, hope and fury. The song’s refrain captures the desperation that drove you to the streets and solidarity that gave you power:”

“There is something to be said for those that do what they love. It is another thing all together to parlay that ability into the altruistic nature to give to those less fortunate than yourself. Absoloot is doing this very thing and what perhaps weighs even more is the fact that he is simply being whom he is. This isn’t contrived or publicity; this is just a man being himself and acting on what he has the ability to do for others.”

“After choosing the winner of last month’s Jee Juh Contest– “Absoloot“–we thought it would be a good idea for everyone to get to know the champ a little better. We put together a few questions we thought would reveal the most about what type of man and artist he is and finally set up an exclusive interview with the man himself! The interview is posted below, so we will let the words speak for themselves. HUGE shoutout to Absoloot for taking the time to answer these questions. Your words, your message and most of all your music inspires everybody here at Jee Juh and anyone else listening at home. You got big things headed your way in the future, keep doing your thing!”

“Born into a world where any dream can be a reality.. Absoloot embraces an industry that has made and broke countless individuals before him. Unlike many of his predecessors, Absoloot has the versatility, flexibility, determination and most importantly the talent to not only succeed.. But dominate a genre that lacks the luster it once had. A successful record executive, artist manager and artist himself.. Absoloot is the main event! Having worked in the industry for years, accomplishing album sales both domestically and internationally as an independent.. ”

“Consistency is key and when it comes to this hard to categorize artist, label owner and business savvy artist, consistency is something that has NEVER escaped the clutches of this lyricist! Absoloot has been in the scenes and has also been behind the scenes making great music for a few years now. With a strong international presence, Absoloot is now shifting gears and is headed to a street near you! From "Hard as Hell" to "My way", Absoloot has had his fair share of ups and ups gaining the respect of an entire industry in his freshman album working with great minds and individuals to build a foundation that some well known artists lack!”

“After receiving a great deal of airplay following his debut release, Absoloot has ventured into a variety of different avenues with his music. Seven of his tracks were licensed by Don King to promote the James Toney vs. Samuel Peters fight I and II. The songs “Pleasure and Pain” and “Fire” from his album "My Way" received significant airplay in Brussels and France respectively. Absoloot was also invited to the Grammys in 2009 in recognition of his latest album.”