Absinthe Junk / Press

"Because of its uniqueness, I’d hate to compare it to every day sounds –to birds, to other bands I’ve heard – and instead dare you to take the plunge into the unknown. If you’re anything like myself, a listener on a desperate excursion to locate the artistry in music, then you’ll appreciate the inventiveness of Absinthe Junk."

"Open your mind, put this band in your cocktail ... Absinthe Junk straddles a line between uniqueness and straight-forward commercialism ... [they are] all about playing with boundaries and expanding and switching up their sound."

“Interesting, mysterious & appealing ... It is great to hear a band and an album that exhibits so much creativity & originality. In a sea of crap that constantly floods our markets today, Absinthe Junk come crashing in with actual Living Substance.”

"Attention all ye steampunk aficionados, Absinthe Junk accomplishes what their name implies—they’re a fitting band for your gears, gadgets, corsets, and metal-worked jewelry! ... A time-tested combination of steely guitars and an ethereal lead female voice place the band solidly within a genre recognized by metal, rockers, and goth fans alike. The difference, however, is that Blair, the lead singer, dabbles in more than a soft-to-screaming vocal. She has a well-supported range and doesn’t mimic an Evanescence sound. Listeners should appreciate this unique take on the genre and this original entry into the field."

"Even though their lead singer, Blair, is something of a wunderkind on various instruments, it is her voice that is at the center of this act. Evanescence seems to be the most obvious comparison but somehow, Absinthe Junk seems to feel a little more authentic for some reason ... She is out for the kill. This band is talented and they are capable, very capable; the ensuing music will most definitely be something to look out for."

“While not coming forth as too influenced by their sound, I would say that Absinthe Junk have the same frenetic energy and willingness to experiment that endeared Gwen Stefani and No Doubt to the buying public.”

"[Absinthe Junk] draws on elements of world music, pop and classic rock and reconfigures them in a way that's quite infectious."

"Musical nirvana... They are that damn good."

Nancy Fisher - NashvilleRock.Net

“See Absinthe Junk now, before you can't see them in the clubs anymore. This young lady is going somewhere...These people are committed to making great music.”

"An epic array of musical styles mixes with unstoppable energy that takes you from 0 to 60 and leaves you begging for more."

Sam Wrinkle - Standard-Times OnStage

“This band has it all. From goth, metal, to sad ballads...The entire group was outstanding.”

"This ain't your daddy's rock - unless your father's a classical pianist with a taste for bar fights and cajun fiddles."

Sam Wrinkle - Standard-Times OnStage

“Music lyrical perfection once again strikes.”

Shodarkhorn - sA

“Mind blowing.”

Bear Shields - dA