Absent Minds / Press

“The Misery of Correcting Past Mistakes is an album that revitalizes. It answers questions and soothes my malcontent. Inevitably, I will always reach a point where I wonder if I’ve found and heard all that punk has to offer. It’s a point in time where I think that all the great songs have been written, all the best bands are broken up, and that a period of stagnation has settled down and halted progress indefinitely. These are not fun times. Punk rock’s promise is that somewhere, there will always be someone starting a band, writing great songs, and pushing the genre forward with their own unique interpretation of the its sounds and ideas, and I’m happy to say that after a personal lull, Absent Minds fulfill this promise.”

“ABSENT MINDS is really breaking new ground by bringing together two music styles from opposite sides of the spectrum. And they rock.”

“Hixon and company are way ahead of their game, achieving in less than a year what many groups can only hope to attain: honesty and a passion for playing music that rivals anything the City of Roses has to offer.”