absconder / Press

“ABSCONDER is from the Champaign, Illinois area, formed in 2009 Absconder have the feel of both Swedish and Finnish old school death metal.But they also have an old American vibe thrown in.So you can hear traces of NIHILIST,GRAVE,CONVULSE,ABHORRANCE,MASTER and MASSACRE in the death noise.It is so heavy and low end at times,there is a little bit ofROTTREVORE thrown into the death metal stew on here.There is a lot of CELTIC FROST in the music as well.In the end,it is all crushing and totally awesome!This is one of the best demos out right now.I expect big things from these guys once they get an album out there.Absconder is another band to add to the killer list of death metal done the right way.Quite an impressive debut demo.I will be keeping an eye on this band for sure and will keep everyone posted.I had heard about Absconder as they played the book release party in Chicago for John Metalion/Slayer Mag.I had heard that they blew everyone away with their crushing death metal attack”

“Absconder are a band that consists of death metal veterans and In my opinion are a very good old school death metal band that should appeal to all fans of this genre.RECEMMONDED”