"ABREACT show no surrender in this anthem of resistance against the oppressive capitalist society we live in. Mat’s lyrics may be lacking the subtleties heard in ‘Entities’, but the topic is confronting, the music is in your face, so why shouldn’t the lyrics be blunt and to the point? Now there’s one aspect I haven’t mentioned yet, and that’s Lee Chatterton’s riff-flavoured icing on the cake, complementing every other aspect with a touch more intensity and holding the package together tightly through the breakdowns and bridges. ABREACT are still the epitome of Australian hardcore in my eyes, and are well set to maintain that position with their new line up"

“The band from Victoria does not define whether it should prefer hardcore or metal. This does not distress. The belly-controlled mixing of Death, Thrash, Heavy Metal and Core is balanced and effective response. Because of the Australian origin the references towards Parkway Drive, Confession, and so on are inevitable, but ABREACT also offer the Metal clientele many arguments to discover “Entities” for themselves. Fat grooves, riff-homage and sluggish intermediate passages are to be regarded as evidence of the classic songwriting approach and knowledge of the great deeds of the relevant metal heroes. The quartet from Victoria brings together its full-length debut with everything that promises biting intensity and fits into the fan perspective of the ABREACT members and their self-image. In this way, the band takes a brutal debut, which will develop its qualities especially in concerts. 9 points (AK) Legacy Magazine Germany 02/2013 ”

“The album opens with the pure hate of Remnants and Weight of Disturbance, where punishing riffs hit hard while singer Simon spits relentlessly angry screams over and over. Somehow, they blend seamlessly into the live favourite, Cull and similarly upbeat Cold Dead Wasted, which embody the “Fuck ‘em all” attitude of the old-school hardcore punk that ABREACT builds into their own sound. ABREACT reinforce their musical diversity later in Entities with the melancholy track For Those…(Dead on the Way) which show ABREACT’s unique ability to make an album that expressive without losing the ass-kicking, name-taking feel away from their hardcore sound. The album closes with Day 1, an almost 11 minute catharsis that mixes their sound flawlessly with an almost progressive composition to make a perfect expression of emotion. It’s straight up amazing and easily one of the best Australian releases I’ve ever heard, the world needs to hear ABREACT and they need to hear it now. Overall: 9”