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Aborym / Press

"Qui siamo nelle terre sconfinate della sperimentazione dalle quali sono banditi tutti coloro che amano le etichette, che vivono ancorati agli stilemi, che chiamano l’evoluzione “incoerenza” e che definiscono “tradimento” ogni esperimento che possa portare a nuove soluzioni e direzioni stilistiche. A tutti coloro diciamo “This world wants to fuck you!”.

"Dirty prouve de la meilleure des manières que ce groupe possède une identité unique et, pour ma part, occupe une place essentielle dans la scène extrême"

"...'Dirty' ha tutto per guadagnarsi l'appoggio della scena avanguardistica internazionale, oltre alla fedeltà del movimento estremo, ma si distingue per un songwriting compatto che parte da un punto di vista del tutto opposto da quello di tanti colleghi."

"Valanghe chitarristiche su beats elettronici, distorsioni House su ruvidi tappeti di acido Black metal violentato dalla Drum'n'Bass, allucinazioni Death Metal, gorgoglii Industrial su serenate di pianoforte malinconico, porno-sinfonie di raggi laser e blastbeat, campionamenti horror, Techno-Hardcore-Punk-Thrash-Twin Peaks-core, Rock'n'Roll da zona contaminata post-Fallout atomico..."

"The accompanying press sheet to ABORYM’s sixth full-length lists almost 30 “key selling points” why the greater Metal community should check out “Dirty”, and while I respect the thoroughness of Agonia Records’ PR folk, they could have just included a single selling-point: the simple, irrefutable fact that ABORYM kick all kinds of ass"

"Probablemente “Dirty” sea uno de los mejores trabajos de ABORYM hasta la fecha, mostrando a una banda muy sólida y madura, más versátil y abierta de mente que nunca."

Tania Jimènez - Queens of Steel (Spain)

"... las influencias son bastante variadas y se hace difícil nombrar bandas en concreto porque creo que estos italianos tienen un estilo bastante personal y más que establecido… esta claro que con este trabajo la banda seguirá ganando adeptos tanto en los fans de la vertiente electro dark como en los fans del Black metal más oscuro y complejo."

Necromance (Spain)

"Everything is so full, so filled up with details and little changes and pieces that make you think how brainy all the compositions are, how clever, how special."

Lachryma Christi (UK)

"A damn good band that took their brand of music one step further with this record."

Death Domain

"ABORYM werden die Geschmäcker teilen, dadurch aber mehr an Anziehungskraft gewinnen können. So viel ist sicher. ‚Helter Skelter Youth‘ ist sogar tanzbar, ein wilder anarchischer Tanz, der manche Tänzer auf dem Dancefloor mit blauen Flecken zurücklassen wird. Zudem wird in dem Song die alte Black Metal-Keule herausgeholt, in Gestalt der hektisch rasenden Riffs in hoher Frequenz. Jeder Tag des Wartens hat sich bei diesem Album gelohnt."

Legacy (Ger)

"Schatten der Originale zu befreien da sie eben zu nah am Original sind. Seltsam und schade, wo man auf Cd 1 so toll experimentiert und frei kombiniert hat was die Instrumente hergeben, aber bei den Coversongs bleibt man blass und linientreu. Da wäre sicher mehr möglich gewesen."

Hell is Open (Germany

"„Dirty“ ist insgesamt ein sehr starkes Album und in gewisser Weise eine Lehrstunde in Sachen Industrial Black Metal. Wohin die Reise ab jetzt geht, wird die Zeit zeigen. Wir sind gespannt."

Dieter Hübing - Uselinks (Germany)

"...One thing which does seem abundantly clear is that Aborym continue to unsettle and challenge – and long may they continue to do so!"

Lars Christiansen - Ave Noctum (UK)

"The band’s new double-album, Dirty, is a bleak, jarring hybrid of raw, primitive industrial, electronic-inspired metal and jaw-cracking brutality"

John Wiederhorn - Vice.com (Usa)

"Dirty è in assoluto il miglior disco mai inciso dagli Aborym, che confermano di essere un progetto formato da musicisti a dir poco straordinari. Il genio della band nostrana è tutto trasdotto in un album dai contenuti imprevedibili, capace di fondere l'essenza del black metal, allo stato moderno dell'industrial."

Maurizio Mazzarella - Giornale Metal

" Evident, abondant et naturel. Aborym réussit de plus en plus impeccablement à se positionner comme unique."

TheDecline01 - Les Eternels (France)

"The twisted Kinder wom Bahnhof Zoo. Aborym er tilbake, og leverer en totalt utflippet miks av industriell ulykke og kolsvart metal"

Pal Lystrup - Metal Hammer (Norway)

"Maitres d’un art sombre habité, Fabban et ses troupes parviennent à nous surprendre, encore, et marquent de leur sale empreinte l’année 2013."

Yann Mondragon - Obskure Magazine (France)

" Ce groupe est dingue et c’est tellement bon..."

Florent Bècognèe - Metallian Magazine (France)

"If you are a fan of Industrial Black Metal, or just like a little bit of extra madness on your BM, “Dirty” is a release that you will greatly enjoy."

Infernal Masquerade (Germany)

"This sort of anything goes Sturm und Drang certainly can confuse the hell out of people, but it's done in such a way, with a definite sense of purpose and cunning, that you'll want to keep listening - at least I did - because you never know what might be coming next."

Peter Atkinson - Metal Rules

"Overall Aborym are to be respected for doing whatever the fuck they want and should be the blueprint for any band that want to make "industrial metal". The album title is fitting for the music contained here, ambitious but still somehow grounded in the past . Filthy indeed."

G. Dutko - Lilith Scare (USA)

"The marriage of black metal and industrial has never been as fierce or foul and this is no disco biscuit coated happy rave, but a full-on overdose of mind-warping BPM madness injected via a junkie’s used hypodermic."

Pete Woods - Iron Fist (UK)

"Dirty is an album that has quantitative and qualitative parts, sometimes all of them in the same phrases. It’s an album that must be carefully listened to because it’s a new phase in music and for opened minds it’s a must have. Forget your labels and drown your eardrums in this magnificent opus of Italian magnificence"

Metal as Fuck (Australia)

"ABORYM opět dokázali vytěžit z daného tématu maximum a stvořit soundtrack k odvrácené straně našeho světa, stejně jako se jim to podařilo s předchozím albem, které se zabývalo lidskou psychikou. Málokdy se stane, aby mě některá kapela dostala do kolen dvěma po sobě jdoucími deskami. Většinou jsou očekávání velká a naplnění různá. „Dirty“ se podařil přesný opak, nejenže odvrátilo moji počáteční skepsi, ale opět mě dokázalo totálně nadchnout, stejně tak jako „Psychogrotesque“, i když krása každého z alba tví někde jinde"

Hard Music base (Czech Republic)

"If you’re brave enough to get down in the muck, and want to hear music that doesn’t stick to just one style, getting “Dirty” is completely worth it. Highs: Crazy combinations of sounds that ping pong between genres"

Metal Underground (Czech Republic)

"Dirty, specchio dei nostri tempi, trascende il metal, e per questo è un trionfo: bellissimo, assuefacente, imperdibile... CI SARÀ UN ALBUM ITALIANO NELLE PLAYLISTS INTERNAZIONALI DI FINE ANNO!"

Mystery Flame - Rockerilla (Italy)

"Für den Moment sind ABORYM am Höhepunkt ihrer Karriere angelangt, für Fans ist „Dirty“ daher unverzichtbar. Allen Anderen sei gesagt: Hört euch das Teil an, es wird eure Hörgewohnheiten erneut in andere Sphären hieven."

Metal1 (Germany)

"It is difficult to say whether 'Dirty' marks an improvement over its predecessor since these two albums are like night and day. It's a great album though."

Lords of Metal (Holland)

"Μπορώ να πω πως το Dirty το απόλαυσα και συνεπώς είμαι ικανοποιημένος από την μπάντα. Σίγουρα από τις πιο ενδιαφέρουσες δουλειές τους,με εμφανή την βελτίωση τους στις συνθέσεις σε σχέση με το Psychogrotesque.Dirty it is, ladies and gents!"

The Kvlt (Greece)

"...talented and skilled band and I ought to bitch slap myself for not checking them out sooner."

Dethster4life - Imhotep (Norway)

“Aborym’s place may be the cum-spattered back room of a sweltering dance club with a jagged piece of glass in hand, but at least the band is mature enough to understand that. ”

"With "Dirty" there are no limits for Aborym: psycho/electro/industrial extreme fuckin' metal with no compromises, take it or leave it!"

Roberto D'Errico - Rock Hard (Italy)

““Je kan niet anders dan maniakaal tekeer gaan als je dit hoort, want ‘Dirty’ is een verdomd meeslepende cd geworden. ‘Dirty’ is een serieuze meedinger voor de jaarlijsten van 2013!” ”

Morbid Geert - Rock Tribune (Holland)

““This is not an easy album to listen to, and many will want to discard it out of hand completely, but if you want cutting edge extreme metal then this is one of the most incredible things I have ever come across.” ”

Key Rowland - Prog Archive (US)

““Listening to Dirty, the new album from Italian industrial metallers Aborym, takes thoughts back to the early days of the genre when Ministry and Godflesh corrosively chewed senses and KMFDM had a true snarl to their sound.” ”

Ringmaster (UK)

““...it’s precisely these throbbing blasts and cold, corrosive synths that elevate ‘Dirty’s’ blackened expulsions of bile into an unparalleled standard of darkness.” ”

Faye Coulman - Terrorizer (UK)

““Incorporating caustic samples and haunting keyboard passages more than ever, Aborym have crafted a masterful blend of industrial music and extreme metal. Dirty is a nighmarish, conceptual adventure through and through.” ”

Jon Wiederhorn - Louder than hell

"Gli Aborym lo sanno bene, viviamo nella fase cruciale del kali-yuga eil dominio tecnocrate della materia ha modificato nello spirito il sentiero dell’uomo, modificandolo. Dirty infatti, sin dall intenzione esplicita e diretta del titolo, amplifica il senso di decandenza esasperando nell’essenzialità la brutale disillusione di With No Human Intervention e Generator (si vedano Irreversible Crisis, Raped by Daddy e The Day the sun stopped Shining). Le due “meccaniche” del suono, quella sintetica dell’industriale e quella ctonia del black celebrano la nuova fusione dell’eone demoniaco, siglando una delle più credibili progressioni in seno a Skinny Puppy, Converter, Nine Inch Nails della Spirale, Mayhem ed Emperor. A proposito, il secondo cd oltre a rileggere proprio Hurt dei Nine Inch Nails, include le revisioni di Hallowed be thy name dei Maiden e Comfortably Numb dei Floyd."