“Chitown is in the building on this one! Smugz Money links up with A Boogy for "Lets Get It". When it comes to getting street money Smugz and Boogy want it all. Trapping ain't easy but this duo makes it look that way. With A309 Vision behind the camera it's time to get it!”

“A-Boogy My Life ft. Linsay Nichoe'”

“A-Boogy and Dre Lotto hold it down for PSO on their latest collab "MyShitBang". MDMA handles the direction of one of the summer's most anticipated videos. Using the hood as the backdrop the duo effortlessly turns up like the knob is broken.”

"They turn up like the knobs broken." 217hiphop.com

“IAA: What makes you different from other artist? Aboogy: My style of rapping makes me unique. I go hard on every bar without sacrificing substance. I don’t just rhyme for the sake of rhyming. Subject matter, word placement, and catchy hooks are my strong points. IAA: What are some upcoming projects you are currently working on? Aboogy: My IL Musiq mixtape and Tha Harmony & Lyrics album will be dropping soon. IAA: What are your career goals? We’re do you see yourself in ten years? Aboogy: I hope to have a long and successful career. I want to win Grammys and an Oscar. I want to pursue acting and modeling. I want to leave behind a great legacy.”

“IAA: What are your songs about? Aboogy: My songs are about my personal experiences. I often write about love and pain because those are the two emotions that everybody can relate too. ”

“* Lincoln Library: 7 to 7:45 p.m., Stone Cold Blues Band; 8 to 9:45 p.m., Hip Hop Performers (Aaron Mathews A.k.A A-Boogy, Diamond, ION, R-Two, Sankara); and 10 to 10:45 p.m., Room 306 (jazz group)”

“Aaron Mathews, 26, helped the Urban League accept the donation Wednesday during a press conference. Mathews, Peters said, represents the purpose of YouthBuild and has become a “leader among leaders.” Just before he entered the program, Mathews had spent a few months in the Cook County Jail. Today, Mathews works full-time with youths at the Urban League. He also has a recording contract because of a song he recorded for a nationwide YouthBuild contest. “Little did I know that the program would change my entire life,” said Mathews, ”