"The four guys and one girl of Abnormality finally released their anticipated debut Contaminating The Hive Mind in 2012 and it is safe to say that our hive mind here at Metal Storm has been blown. A very mature-sounding mixture of impressive technicality with ruthless brutality, this album will make all death metal fanatics out there very happy and serves as a reminder that even with the somewhat limited means available to death metal musicians, something captivating can still very much be produced."

"...If you were to pull at your roots and unearth the fundamentals established by bands like Suffocation, Cryptopsy and Deeds of Flesh near the close of that decade, or if you find yourself constantly mining the rosters of labels like Unique Leader, Comatose, and Sevared for additional sounds, then this is one case of constant whiplash well worth shelling out the few dollars it will cost you. Contaminating the Hive Mind is a clear success, standing alongside recent efforts from Germany's Pighead and Japanese newcomers Desecravity as one of the better brutal/technical death albums I've heard in 2012."

“Without peeking at a band photo, you’d never know that Massachusetts’ extreme death metallers ABNORMALITY are female-fronted. Growler Mallika Sundaramurthy is every bit as brutal as George “Corspegrinder” Fisher. Musically, Abnormality excels at vicious high speed technicality, listing their influences as HATE ETERNAL, ORIGIN and SUFFOCATION. This three-song EP whets an insatiable appetite for more. Fiercely talented songwriters capable of creating hooks massive enough to hold several rotting carcasses, Abnormality definitely deserve a record deal. Relentless doesn’t even come close to describing the quintet’s vicious sonic onslaught, as they pummel and pulverize their way through an all too brief 14 minutes of murderous mayhem.”