Abigail Hardin / Press

"Abigail Hardin is one of the strongest, most versatile, most unique performers I've ever come across. She has the power to hold audiences in the palm of her hand, which is no small feat for any performer but certainly extraordinary for one of her age. I predict that Abigail Hardin is a name we'll be hearing about for a long, long time."

Tony Sportiello - Algonquin Theater Productions

“THE DEVIL & BILLY MARKHAM - "features four songs sung by the immensely talented Abigail Hardin"”

Greg - Resident Media Pundit

"That's Showbiz! is packed with singing and dancing, and Abigail Hardin far and away leads the show in the vocals department. She manages to capture all the idiosyncrasies of her talented, but self-absorbed character while still hitting every note and wowing the audience with her powerful voice. Hardin gets every song right."

“LITTLE KIT - "Most of the cast members have strong, well-trained voices; that includes Abigail Hardin, a seventh grader who plays Kit and can hold a note with the best of them"”

Anita Gates - New York Times

“Her voice is plaintive and pure."”