Aberration Nexus / Press

“The sound here is that which you hear in your nightmares, the sort of thing which gets banned for fear of inciting mass slaughter and violence, yet it’s so well put together that you can’t help but admire it at the same time!”

“I don't give a fuck what anyone says. Aberration Nexus is one of the best black metal projects I have ever heard in my life. Holy fuck someone just ripped my head off and poured venom down my throat.”

“this promises to be one of the most cleverly thought out albums you’re going to hear this year, so get on it!”

“The music isn’t simply a mish mash of loud noises or overdrive pedal enhanced guitars, this is well thought out and carefully crafted music which is designed to reflect a mental image. If you’ve got any doubts, imagine what Armageddon would look like, then close your eyes and listen to what’s going on here – I don’t know about you lot but it matched up for me!”

“this is Armageddon in musical form!”

“("The Apocalypse Code") is so damn amazing, it's cursing, and sinister and BRILLIANT! Blast beat at 1:54 kills me every time... keeps thrashing my ears all the way through.... :)”

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