Abby Ahmad / Press

"Abby Ahmad is one of those rare talents who is at the ideal position in her artistic journey when craft, skill and talent have all developed to an equal point and coalesced into a magnificent apex of achievement. Her latest album, CURRICULUM, is easily on par with the works of Dylan, Dickinson, or even Plath."

"Given Abby's talent and cast of musicians that have been assembled to support her efforts, CURRICULUM stands as an important next step in her career. It is intelligent, well written and appealing. It will cause you think, it will cause you to reflect and probably make you smile a few times, as well."

"CURRICULUM is a cut above the rest. An evocative journey you immediately want to relive."

" Wistful, literal, and occasionally confrontational and cathartic, the young Ms. Ahmad emerges as an authoritative singer, songwriter, and an accomplished guitarist. A talent this promising cannot go unnoticed by the mainstream for long."

"Abby Ahmad is an example of one of the reasons why I love the NYC music scene and the platform it provides for the discovery of new music."

“…beautiful, pliant, passionate.”

Christopher Rawson - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette