“When it comes to Black Metal in the good old US of A, few bands have as much underground credibility as Abazagorath. With 19 years of blood, sweat, and bile under their belt, they’re about as real and as “true” to the give no fucks, hate everything, spirit of the genre as anyone you might care to mention.”

“As I say, it’s a really good album. I’d compare it favourably against anything from the last ten years, and proves that the US can easily stand up to those European bully-boys with their blonde hair and frosty breath. If anyone should be a standard-bearer for the introduction of black metal into normal society, it’s Abazagorath. The Satanic Verses proves that they have got everything you need to make great modern black metal – an ear for a great song combined with a hatred of religion and society in general.”

“Beneath the sheer coldness, there is great song-writing at the heart of their sound – it’s not just a wall of tremolo picked minor key hell by any means. In fact, the melodies are truly haunting and thoroughly evocative."”

“Abazagorath have blessedly cursed me with another sick thrill, long after I stopped expecting to find one.”

“As one of the pioneers of USBM Abazagorath released plenty of EP’s and two full-length albums that made them one of the most influential BM bands in the states, and with this EP they return in full force to reclaim their place.”

“Abazagorath were one of the forerunners of the US Black Metal scene and their latest EP does their legacy justice. This is a true work of absolute evil.”

“Black metal that draws you into the experience is rare these days, but the entire EP is crafted to do just that. When all is said and done you will look back and realize what the future and the past of Black Metal should be… then you will quickly hit repeat!”

“Raging blasts, melodic, sinister riffs, superb vocals, varying, smart song-writing and an intense atmosphere add up to a trvly fucking amazing record.With this EP they proof that they (still) are a band to be reckoned with.”

"This shows that the USA BM bands can make a cult BM album as well as the Norwegian one!!! The album is brutally fast melodic and dark it's going to blow your mind out"!!


"This is one of the best black metal releases that I've heard coming from the United States. It includes raw yet melodic black metal with a sloppy production that fits in to the music like a glove".


"Abazagorath are, IMO, one of the best USBM bands out today"


"This album is absolutely fantastic - pure brilliance in melodic semi-raw Black Metal. It's atmospheric, emotional and pretty damn evil sounding - what more could you want"?


“Abazagorath’s contribution is a strong hail to the Black Flame of the early days. Each song is riff after riff of transcendence from ambiance to sheer blastbeat madness. “Ancient Entities Arise” is easily Abazagorath’s greatest accomplishment to date and gives much promise for future releases.”

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