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“Now playing Abandone - #Succubus on Digital Revolution Radio”

“In celebration of Neil Meschino's new gory horror film MAGGOTS, coming in 2014, over twenty horror-punk bands from all over the world have come together to celebrate with the release of this free promotional playlist of awesome tracks.”

“#NOWPLAYING ♫ Abandone - Sure Shot on the web's loudest rock radio #rock #punk #metal”

“#Listen to :: Abandone - Don't Go Into Those Mountains - on Rocker's Dive Radio http://www.rockersdive.com”

“November 22, 2013, will be the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. Readers of this blog know I’ve compiled a list of every song I can find that references the JFK assassination and I’ve been going into some depth analyzing many of the songs on that list. Earlier this year I got the idea to ask bands to contribute garage, punk and psychedelic tracks for a new compilation of JFK songs. On November 1st, I published a collection of 26 tracks on Bandcamp called Conspiracy A-Go-Go.”