A Band of Orcs / Press

“A Band of Orcs is an inventive and wildly imaginative band that will keep your thrashing all night long. These guys are not a rehash of GWAR or other ‘costume’ bands; they are the evolvement of the genre. They have a past, a history that is rife with strife, and they present it for you in their music. I highly recommend A Band of Orcs to anyone that likes fast music and unforgiving lyrics. But be warned: if you don’t like these guys, they will not spare you when the Domination comes. Check them out for sure.”

“WarChiefs of the Apocalypse...is an exceptionally heavy, immensely powerful metal album that kicks some serious tail. A Band of Orcs comes out of the box swinging....”

“... the music wins the day. That, and the fact that one of their guitarists is called Cretos Filthgrinder! [7] NG”

"The music unleashed by this band is aimed squarely at making the listener either submit or be trampled underfoot by the onrushing horde.”

““It’s full of full-bore, superheated pummeling – big, thick riffs hammering away at high speed, shrouded in sulphurous fumes and throwing up images of fang and claw.””

"A BAND OF ORCS play brutal, chugging death metal with technical chops."

“A Band of Orcs delivers an overwhelmingly destructive death metal experience.”

“That was the most amazing rock-and-roll experience I've had in doing sound for over 100 bands.”

“Seriously wow, Im not even into metal, but fuck you are awesome, gonna check out some more metal bands thanks to you guys.”

“not many things are more metal than orcs. and orcs playing metal? ha that's like double metal.”

“Dude they are f*cking orcs playing metal how is that not bad*ss!”

“Dear, A Band Of Orcs, Why are you so f**king awesome? Signed, Maxwell Trueblood.”

Maxwell Trueblood - fan comment on myspace bulletin

“I got so excited watching this sh*t that I just punched the guy sitting next to me in the face. It's ok, he's an *sshole. You guys RULE.”

“Damn epic video, this band is unmatched.”

“A Band of Orcs is now the official band for the CHHS Wrestling Team. I am sure the motivational songs will make the difference in winning a state title this season.”

“This is a great album, but I got "Bring Out Your Dead" stuck in my head when I went to my friend's funeral...ugh, it was brutal...”

“Awesome album; a must buy for all heavy metal fans.”

“I then waited for the track to begin and in all honesty most bands use theatrics to cover up lack of talent. This is NOT the case here. I am currently listening to CD now and have to say this is pretty bad*ss stuff. I would love to work with you”

“By all appearances, these guys are living, breathing orcs, straight outta Mordor and ready to feast on the flesh of the fallen. Not convinced? Look upon their video for “Into the Maelstrom” at abandoforcs.com and bow in subservience, oh insolent one!”

“This Band of Orcs prove that the violently inspirational sounds I remember coming from my dual tape deck boom box in the ‘80’s could be paid homage to without sounding regurgitated and or copied.”

“In my first real concert in S.C., I gained 40 experience and 25 manna points when my ear drums battled metal geeks A BAND OF ORCS at CAFFE PERGOLESI.”

“[Adding Heads to the Pile] Delightfully dynamic, nay, genius dynamic. Poetic lyrics clearly display a mastery of language far beyond such draconic devices as the simile and metaphor. The guitars are played like you invented the instrument, which I'm pretty sure you did. Put simply, this album is life altering.”

“Its [Adding Heads to the Pile] on another level. Its unique. Its brilliant. Its brutal. Its beautiful. "Of broken chains and shattered skulls" can get you thinking on a much deeper level. Its more than just a song to me. As a lot of us can relate to similar life struggles. Some of us have really felt surpressed in the same way with a need to break free from it all. When you bleed, when you suffer, make sure it makes you stronger. Traveling in the "Hall of the frozen dead" and finally ending up in the "Lair of the Ice Wyrm". Both incredible songs. Gets my energy flowing and raising my Axe made of air lol the combination of brutality and beauty in the music of "Stormbringer". Every song has its own story that combines into the bigger picture. It kicks ass plain and simple.”