A Band Called Mithras / Press

“If you thought that the Alt-Pop/Rock scene was withering... Out of Detroit, Michigan, springs forth A Band Called Mithras to save the day! With one of the most unusual band names to emerge in recent times, ABCM's latest release deals a fatal blow to the curse of musical irreverence. 2 takes you on a whirlwind tour through the hallowed halls of Pop, Funk, and Rock, leaving you with a renewed sense of wonder and appreciation. Guaranteed to help you recover a few brain cells you may have lost while listening to commercial radio.”

“This is intelligent pop, for people who know their pop history. This is counter-culture musicology, and the fact that it encorporates psychedelia, indie, power-pop, hip-hop, classic-rock, soul, and dance music into twelve songs and just over thirty eight minutes does defy easy category. But you won’t care. Rather, you’ll keep putting it back on. As well you should.”

“POP Music at its best... from their latest CD "No Bargain or Reprieve" this group will not disappoint even the most critical of listeners. If you love the music from the 60's and 70's, you're going to love this CD. Reminiscent of the Beatles, each song will want you listening for more.”

“If you love the music from the late 60's early 70's you're going to love this debut CD No Bargain or Reprieve from A Band Called Mithras released in December 2010. OMG - I'm in love! I can definitely hear the Beatles influence in their music but I also hear some Emerson Lake & Palmer, Yes, and a little of Alternative bands from the early 90's mixed in. What a musical gem just waiting to be discovered in a sea of music. Get thee to a music site and buy this one, you won't regret it!”

“Like a blissful collision between The Pillbugs and Roger Klug, A Band Called Mithras’s debut album “No Bargain Or Reprieve” is a joy stuffed thrill ride adventure in hi-fi that will knock your socks clean off from the get go. . The songs are without exception uniformly excellent easily as strong as the kaleidoscope of musical landscapes they each come lovingly wrapped in, rich with the sweetest melodic invention, lodge in your brain hooks and classy lyrical playfulness. There is also a rather epic and delightful different cover of the Left Banke’s classic Walk Away Renee to bring a smile to your ears. As a showcase for his it appears considerable talents the album is a stone cold success, as a creative achievement it is even more so”

“Personally, it is humbling and inspiring as a songwriter to listen to such well written songs. As a great lover of music it is just pure joy to put ABCM’s album 2 on and turn it up and just be enveloped by waves of pure sonic awesomeness. When I think that all this came from one mind it just impresses and humbles me even more.”