Aaron Tinjum and the Tangents / Press

"Singer/songwriter Aaron Tinjum is back with this video featuring an unplugged version of his maudlin tune 'yugoslavia' from his album 'mirrors in the dark'. the simple guitar and violin presentation works well for this tune."

"Recently singer-songwriter Aaron Tinjum actually relocated to DC from Austin Texas, swimming against the tide of those talented musicians who make their mark on DC and move away. You’ll hear the Texas influence in his newest music video for American Road, a song about dysfunction in America that’s right at home in this town."

"DC by way of austin, TX singer song-writer Aaron Tinjum brings us this dylan-esque blast of lyrical topicality that is quite timely at this juncture where the politicians we have put our trust in are behaving in such a disappointing manner. 'american road' chugs along much like something off of 'highway 61 revisited' but with a totally acoustic arrangement that includes some ripping lead guitar and fiddle playing."

"But other aspects — namely Tinjum’s songwriting and delivery — vibrantly capture the essence of really good acoustic folk. “American Road” in particular is a song that seems simplistic and even a little preachy at first blush. But as it unfolds, the track becomes rather Bob Dylan-esque with its jangling banjo and Tinjum’s wailing delivery. I’m certainly not likening Tinjum to Dylan, but “Mirrors in the Dark" is reminiscent enough to pique some interest."