Aaron Huff / Press

"Aaron Huff is an enigma of sorts, young, yet old at the same time. His music is evocative of 60's folk and modern Indie simultaneously. Baring the deepest depths of his personal soul (and sometimes hell) is what he does best. Bloodstone for Courage shows maturity from his previous release "Retrospective" while maintaining some of the same tongue in cheekedness that makes his writing so endearing. Definitely one of the best of his genre today. Do yourself a favor and buy this album."

"Aaron Huff is a writer of both songs and short fiction, so it’s no surprise that his words take centre-stage on his new album “Bloodstone For Courage”. It’s the right decision, as he possesses a keen turn of phrase and an ear for a clever rhyme. Musically things are kept pretty simple, with guitar and voice taking most of the strain, and although it’s a basic, uncluttered production, there’s nothing lo-fi about the result." "Thematically, there’s not much in the way of light and shadow. It’s a brooding, ominous collection of songs, which catalogue disappointment and despondency, which either finds Huff in a particularly dark place, or he’s got a remarkable talent for getting inside a character and relating to his doubts, fears and worries. I suspect it’s the latter – he’s a writer of stories; making this stuff up must be second nature."

"With only his voice and a few guitars, Aaron Huff can move you." "Can he write? Fuck yes he can. His rhyme schemes are tight, and he doesn’t lean on the crutch of slant-rhyme like his contemporaries."