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"Miami Beach resident Aaron Holder has made a name for himself in the Jewish community with his music for a few years. Now, he has his own debut album. Holder, 24, said his recently released album "Something Stronger" expands the boundaries between Jewish and mainstream music by using elements of folk, pop, country, rock and a hint of reggae laced with a deeply spiritual vibe. His musical influences for the album include Mumford & Sons, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Matisyahu, One Republic, Josh Groban, Bruce Springsteen and Shlomo Carlebach. Holder has performed songs for the Jewish community and even competed in the singing competition "A Jewish Star." He feels the album is a culmination of his musical growth. "It's very surreal because I was 18 when I first picked up a guitar and started writing songs and it was my dream to be able to just play for people," he said. "I feel blessed o have the album out because not many people are able to achieve this." .... go to link

““Aaron Holder comes out and shows a unique style that is radio friendly with a voice that relays passion and conviction.” - Steve Gordon (27 time gold platinum musician)”

Steve Gordon

““Something Stronger is a true original, setting new standards for alternative Jewish Music” -Moshe Hecht (A Hassidic Folk singing superstar) ”

Moshe Hecht

“Miami Beach resident Aaron Holder is one of the undecided top 30 finalist in the Jewish singing contest "Hallelujah" which is hosted on Facebook. Thousands of music videos were submitted and the 30 selected finalists will win a three week tour of Israel, with music instructions from famous and successful Israeli singers.”

“At the Jewish Star Finals, Aaron Holder of Miami Beach, Florida movingly performs his hit "Stand up for Sholom," about imprisoned Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin.”

"A Jewish Star" alumni Aaron Holder, Moshe Lehr and Eli Weiss had the crowd cheering and rolling from laughter at the cocktail dinner of Chabad Miami Lakes.

“Jewish Star Aaron Holder judges a Purim talent contest at the Jewish Learning Center Chabad in Miami Beach. COLlive's Mystery Man 36 was seen there too.”

"A Jewish Star" alum Aaron Holder calls out the bluff of the Palestinian support for terror in a tribute song to the Fogel family.

"Jewish Star" Aaron Holder, and "Junior Jewish Star" Yisroel Amar entertained a crowd of 10,000 at the mega Lag BaOmer event in South Florida.

“COLlive Debut: Miami music student Aaron Michael Holder composed a song encouraging support for Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, because "we can't stay quiet any longer."”