The Aaron Clift Experiment / Press

“Nominated for 2016 Progressive Music Award .”

"Outer Light, Inner Darkness is an impressive sophomore outing from the Texan classicists."

“The Aaron Clift Experiment strikes a nerve right away . . . pleasing as well as entertaining for the ears and mind, a true prog experience.”

“There is a journey to be taken while listening to The Aaron Clift Experiment’s songs, and for me that is one of the most appealing aspects of progressive music.”

"The Aaron Clift Experiment's music is a great mix of memorable choruses and technical display of prowess. I saw ACE live and actually went home singing the songs in my head! That doesn't happen with most progressive rock bands."

Josh Robbins, guitarist of Invincible Czars and Aaron Clift Experiment fan

“Selected as one of "Best Unsigned Artists" of 2013”

“The Aaron Clift Experiment has great melodies . . .the music is tight and controlled.”