Aarodynamics / Press

“Q: The name of your website is GetSlutty.com, and in the bio of your Facebook page, it says, "Your butt isn't safe. Lock up your mothers, daughters, sisters, and secure all your valuables, because Aarodynamics is coming to town." Where did you get such an interesting kind of online/stage personality like this? Aarodynamics: Because your butt ISN'T safe, Michelle. No one's is. And we're just warning people what they're getting themselves into by participating in the jams.”

"After setting up the bass-stand combo he pulled out a Dimebag style electric guitar. He then set up a second stand and mic and donned his headphones. Apparently, he was ready to party. He began testing out the bass, guitar, and mics and eventually he commenced his beatbox extravaganza. A minute later we realized he had his looping station going and it was on. A complex beat / jam-session emerged culminating in the moment when he threw down his flow out of nowhere. The whole room shot to attention and started clapping and hollering. It was beautiful. He began rapping about his various levels of intoxication with his friends gin and juice, lewd sex acts and fervently produced more funk than I thought I could handle. He probably played 3 to 4 songs but nobody was counting as the jam ebbed and flowed eternally. We were sad to see him leave."

"After the Mantras we slithered our glowing monster down the hill to the EDM tent to catch Aarodynamics. Quickly becoming one of my favorite acts, Aaron, one amazing guy, was tearing it up. Making his own beats with a mic, and filling in everything else with a variety of looped instruments Aaron carried and eager crowd. I admire a lot about this act, but mostly I’m overwhelmed by his raw talent and phenomenal stage presence."

“Off topic - when asked what candy bar he would be and why he responded with “I would be whichever candy bar the ladies like the most. So… Dove?””

“To keep the solo acts rolling, Aarodynamics aka Aaron Malander took the stage to bring us “Sexy music to get slutty to.” Seriously though, this guy was talented. Laying down a smooth bass line, looping it, and then jamming on his sleek Jackson WRXT Warrior. On top of all that, this dude was spitting fire! Rapping the entire “Real Slim Shady” had the Wookie Post crew geeking out. We are looking forward to catching Aarodynamics again at Jammin’ Java Aug 8 and also at Mantrabash. Until then you can listen to his music for free on his soundcloud. Check out the only video we managed to grab all weekend! “Stupid Heady Jams””