Zig Zag JeZus / Press

“'I Run From the Devil" is the real deal, man. Old school blues vibe. Killer feel. Dig the hell out of your sound !”

Ted Vaughn Blues Band - Ted Vaughn Blues Band

“Are you sure you're not from Georgia or Alabama? Canada's a little far north to be sounding this good... Good luck. Mark”

Mark Christopher/Musician-Noisehead.com

“ Blues highlight !! Great stuff, here -greetz BF ”

“Shayne, great blues songs. You pour your soul into the song especially the guitar work and vocals. Nicotine Stains shines!”

Big Dummies Blues Band - Big Dummies Blues Band

“Great job, Shayne! You go from sounding like Robert Johnson to Alice in Chains seamlessly. Good tunes!”

Spent Fixer - Spent Fixer

“ You do play the fucking northern blues. You put so much style into it--you've made it your own. Your sound is so raw and in the moment. ”

The Singular Effect

“Love your gritty old-school style blues...genuine and down to earth, you're the real deal!”

Zeus Rooster

“I am the music supervisor of an indie horror flick and interested in using I Run From the Devil. Could you please contact me. Thanks Daniel”

Daniel Collins-Pigpen Studios

“Shayne?! Can ya turn that shit down? You should sound more like B.B.King!”

My Dad ( years ago )

“ Hi Shayne, thanks for the add! Obviously you are walking in the footsteps of a bluesman! Keep your bluesy way! Best greetings from Germany, Akim:) ”

Akim Jensch

“ I am listening to "Nicotine Stains." Backstreet Blues at its very best. Sincerely, Shane ”

Shane Allen Swaim

“Thanks for connecting. I'm really enjoying your music, not just repeating what the blues masters did but working to keep the blues a living thing. Cheers from Holland ”

Steve Phillips

“This is the way the blues should sound!”

Joesf Glaude & James Ruggles

“ now that's blues the way they outta be... great job.. ”

Ric McNaughton

“ Love the howling sound of 'Nicotine Stains'. Cool artwork! All the best ~ kappi ”


“top shelf acoustic sound!! sweet feel on run from the devil and bitter end. g”

Thadeus Project

“Love the honesty of raw blues. Witness "I run from the devil" Much success”

Bernie Landry

“ Nice boxcar blues! Got that cool primitive sound! Like Rev. Robert Wilkins & Johnson! Well done! Al Gattone " On Purrpose " ”

Al Gattone

“ That high lonesome northern desolation blues got me shivering!!!! ”

Greg Leatherman

“wicked dirty and lowdown blues to make you shriek in the night..diggin your intense, thousand-yard stare mood and groove..that "run from the devil" tune is hellishly tasty!! stunning playing and vocals!!”


“love your stuff!! send us your music www.dawgfm.com *Canada's 1st Blues Radio Station!!*”

CarlyD-Country DJ

“Very impressive and expressive songs and sound! I'm crazy about "I Run From the Devil." Awesome instrumentation, vocals, and lyrics. What a great song!”

Juliann Andreen