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~Your new Favorite Poet Djehuti the Poet~

Where is Djehuti the Poet from?
Djehuti the poet was born in Los Angeles, California in the Martin Luther Killa King Hospital Oct 14th!! Yes Libra Nation stand up. He spent most of his childhood tho in Texarkana Texas and Arkansas graduated from Texas High and joined the Army in Jan 2005 at the age of 17 and has been traveling the world every since then performing poetry from Florida to Massachusetts and his favorite place to perform shrevefport Louisiana .

How did your poetry start?
Djehuti the Poet started doing spoken word poetry in the 8th grade when his sister Wanisha handed him a poetry book and said, “Since your always rhyming write them down into poems.” He did his first show when he was 15 years old at Texas high the next day he had opportunities left and right to perform at schools churches and headlining events he became Djehuti the Poet over time all because of one show.

What are you currently working on?
Djehuti the Poet stated that, “ My #1 priority right now is my NPO that I am building with my son Khanios DeGrate” and they are finalizing a very special Mixtape entitled “#WMP Vol. 1” this mixtape is special because it will give you a sample of his flows and delivery. He is explaining to everybody about who he is. Djehuti the Poet makes sure to write about stuff that not only he has been thru but also those around him so that they know at the end of it the outcome is most of the times good.Music is his passion as is poetry so they have a few instrumentals you are familiar with. The piece “Million tears” which gives you the perspective of the person dating an individual who has been thru a lot of things in their past relationships and they are hesitant about being in a committed relationship and he closes it saying “ I need you to accept all the love that I gave you I’m not here to hurt you babygirl I am here to save you.” The single that has been released currently is Dedicated to his granny LaNita DeGrate called “We don’t wanna see you go” the Video was shot at 3 locations in Boston,Massachusetts and released end of June 2015.

Who is Djehuti the Poet?
Djehuti the Poet says he is not like the crazy person he was as a teenager he left when he was 17 and came back now 29 years old short locs and covered in tattoos , but that doesn’t change who he is on the inside. he talks to those in his circle and people he met along his journey about being positive and how to uplift yourself with affirmations. Giving back to the community and helping families around him is important. He stated, “I am trying to put my whole team on and not because they are my team but because they have the PASSION for their craft as I do mine.” I leave you saying remember “Talent is a given but skill is hours and hours of beating on your craft. Increase your energy and let other thrive off it” ~Djehuti the Poet


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