YH8 / Press

“your my idol, when i grow up i want to be a good person just like you!”

Trinity Delleos

“The crazy thing is i started rapping after i watched your "I dont Like Remix!" you just made me want to jump on a beat”

Skyler Eggleston

“you got talent man”

Bobby McIntyre

“Throwing Support from Boston...Keep that Fire!!!”


“Good shit!! Much love n respect toward the hustle!”


“That city on my back go HAM!”


“Dont get me wrong utah does have talent but these niggas cant be stopped ! ‪#‎team‬ ‪#‎Y‬.H.B.H”

All-diss N Dat Mustafic - YHBH

“ **LoVe tO GeT OuT *&* ShOw My SuPpOrT tO oNe Of UtAh'S fInEsT LoCaLs ***YHBH*** Is nothing but* REAL talk* reppin the LAKE** MuCh LoVe tO YA'LL** KEEP DOING UR THANG** :p **LOVING EVERY MINUTE** U HATE* B * HATED**”

“When your favorite rapper comes into your work! I'm like Ahh shit nigga its Y.h8 — with Andre Primus.”

William Ball - Favorite Rapper