Xpulsion / Press

“Aaaaaargh!! Now we are talking. These mother fuckers don’t need a polished production to demonstrate what old school sound must be. Coming from California, seems like they are seriously into 80’s extreme metal, as also they take care of those details we loved in classic stuff, like the satanic echo effect in vocals, organic drum sound and the real stench of putrefaction running inside the corpse. On this demo the band only presents two tracks forged in the most insane, crude and bestial sound of the genre. This is thrash metal for alopecic metal warriors, if you know what I mean. Both tracks are my favorites, and “Hunted” called my attention because of some rotten guitar riffs which approaches in a healthy communion with death metal. Anyhow, they developed solid guitar riffs and excellent lines in simple structures, the result is quite simple and effective and this is what everybody is looking for, isn’t it? I’ll keep an eye on the band for debut album.”

“With a powerful sound almost reminiscent of Exodus or even Hatriot. They are not afraid to rely on slower riffs (not breakdowns mind you, just slower parts) which help to give the music a lot of flavor and provide a bit of respite before the blazing solos and crazed thrashing. A great example of this would be on the outro of the eponymous track Hunted whose more laid back tones are immediately offset by the screeching power of Intent to Kill. In short, a band who have developed their sound and seem completely ready to release a full album Xpulsion are a pleasure to listen too and their neothrash should be ramming down doors near you very soon!”

“Xpulsion-Demo 2013 Chaotic Thrash Metal is what Xpulsion bring to the table. Just 2 songs featuring raw vocals, brutal guitar and drumming sound, some will call it retro, i call it Thrash fuckin' Metal and i don't care w hat the others say-this is good. I hope to hear their new album soon.”

“Xpulsion is a brutal old school thrash band with a sound that nicely mixes the old and the new. Blending old school riffs emulating Slayer or Dark Angel, with the excellent songwriting of Revocation, these guys are pretty metal. The guitars are roaring and host a ton of ultra fast guitar lines. Mixed with old fashioned breakdowns a la Death Angel the guitar work does not fail to impress. The solos have a lot of the crazy atonal feel that makes old school bands so good, but at the same time one gets the impression that there is something more, a second layer to the music. This simply attests to the great songwriting going on here. The bass work is speedy and drags the music down to a new level of brutality. This just makes the music more aggressive and wonderful. The drum work, as it is on all good thrash recordings, is hectic, blazing and chaotic. The drummer captures the energy of the band and just helps to make the band that much more true to the ideals of thrash metal.”

“The band has a bit more of a classic Exodus-meets-Overkill style. It's raw and a little bit light-hearted but nevertheless razor-sharp. Xpulsion knows their source material well and they do an admirable job with this track. Looking forward to the EP. ”

“The title track is the standout here as it kicks into high gear right away and never lets up. It closes with the ominously spoken name of the song, ending the EP on an impressive note.”

“But there's no particular compromise in the music of XPULSION though, this is raw and shredding, just in no case a perpetual punishing aggression... Always extremely structured, the 4 songs last from five to almost eight minutes (the excellent title track). The sound is very clear, sharp and ripping, it enhances particularly those chunky guitars, lightning drums and amazing solos, no wankery here like too often in Thrashing solos who finally sound almost everytime the same, of course they're insane but there's a real melodic sense, velocity and gracefullness. It's not that I was angry with Thrash for some (long) years, neither that I'm totally reconciliated with it but if you bring regularly new bands like XPULSION to my ears I could definitely be !!!”