“September 2015 Winner for Best Song Country/Rock "Cowboy Up & Party Down" "A high-energy romping song that's equal part Alan Jackson and ZZ Top, "Cowboy Up & Party Down" runs the gamut of country themes with every ounce of true Kentucky heritage that "Duece" Hulett can provide."”

“News Release! William "Duece" Hulett has a great voice with just the right amount of emotional investment in each song!”

“William "DUECE" Hulett Benefit for Mind, Body & Soldier - Sponsored by WQYK 99.5 Tampa Bay's Country Station on June 7, 2014”

“William "DUECE" Hulett - Featured Artist”

“William "DUECE" Hulett - Best In Country Entertainment - Lifestyles After 50 Fun Fest”

“Akademia Music Award for "Best Country Song" with submission of Nashville Release "I Can't Lie To Me"”

Akademia Music Award - Akademia

“New release "I Can't Lie To Me" hits #17 on www.independentmusicnetwork.com”

Independent Music Network - Independent Music Network

“Airplay - Nashville Radio Hey just wanted to let you know that we started promoting your single "Losing My Mind" today. http://airplaydirect.com/nashvilleradiopromo”

Nashville Radio - Nashville Radio

“I AM TRULY HUMBLED! Today (2/25/13) in Pinellas County, the “LIFTING HEARTS TOGETHER” M.C. ALONG WITH WILLIAM “DUECE” HULETT, a local country artist recently signed to a Nashville/International record label, came together and helped a family in need. A young couple had just had a child and only had a dresser drawer for their newborn to sleep in. As soon as The “Lifting Hearts Together” and “Duece” found out, Lifting Hearts Together got on phones and started checking all their resources, and found this young couple a bed for their newborn.”

Lifting Hearts - Lifting Hearts Together

“RENEGADE RADIO NASHVILLE The NEW FACES OF COUNTRY! "DUECE" along with his Indie Artist friends! Renegade Radio Nashville "NEW FACES OF COUNTRY" radio show Interviews ** New Music ** New Video's http://www.renegaderadionashville.com/newfacesofcountry.html”

“William "Duece" Hulett, has now officially been accepted to the Grammy Awards as an associate member and is now in the process of being upgraded to voting member status. Congrats William "Duece" Hulett! Welcome to the family!!!”

Grammy Awards - Grammy Awards Associate Member

“NEWS FLASH!!!! FANS AND FRIENDS OF WILLIAM "DUECE" HULETT! "DUECE" HAS BEEN CHOSEN AS A VOTING MEMBER OF THE BOARD FOR THE 56TH GRAMMY AWARDS! TOO BAD HE CAN'T VOTE FOR HIS OWN SUBMISSION! Final submissions and categories for the 56th Grammy Awards . 56 Grammy Award submissions and categories for Nomination. These listed below have been accepted for and entry for a Nomination. THIS IS NOT CONSIDERED TO BE A NOMINATION THESE HAVE BEEN ENTERED AND ACCEPTED FOR NOMINATION CONSIDERATION, THIS IS THE FIRST STEP. 56TH. GRAMMY AWARDS SUBMISSION DETAILS Duece-High Low And In Between 26. Best Country Solo Performance ( Single / Track )”

Grammy Awards - Grammy Awards Submission

“Attended your show at VFW Post 2473 in Clearwater this past Friday, Aug 26th. What a fantastic entertainer you are. It was totally awesome seeing the Birthday Girl rip off your shirt and wearing it afterwards. The audience was truly having a wonderful time! I will be attending more of your shows! Thanks again, Diane, Palm Harbor”

Diane - Fan Feedback